Equity Portfolio – Sold Reliance, Praj, Sintex, P&S Bank

Every time we buy a stock, we buy with the expectations that its going to give us such  returns that all our financial commitments will be taken care of.  Intentions are always good, but the market has its habit of surprising even the best of the investors. There are companies that I bought over various periods of time that gave me incredible returns. Some ran up so fast and so high, that they gave me the jitters and i had to sell them off quickly; as they reached my targets in a fraction of the expected time horizon.

At the other end, there are companies that go nowhere over a period of 2-3 years. We are subjected to nothing but negative news about their business.  End up, we sell them off.  Once I sell something, I don’t really go back to see where they have prices have gone.

I sold off Reliance Industries, Praj Industries, Sintex Industries and Punjab & Sind Bank over the past 1-2 weeks.  The recent bull run that has pushed the BSE Sensex past the 19000 mark might have made my decision to sell them off look silly. In hindsight, some decisions can look foolish and some give us an opportunity to gloat, but, in the interest of the health of your heart, its best not to look back 🙂

All pictures above are courtesy: Yahoo Finance

Disclaimer:  The information shared on this website is only about the positions i have taken on different stocks in the market.  They are in no way my endorsement of the company or an indication for you to invest or sell the same.  Though i have been investing actively in the Indian stock market since 2005, iam not an expert not do i claim to have any indepth idea of the stocks i invest in.  I do my research through some subscriptions, a lot of reading on the net.  Iam not responsible for any of the losses or gains you might incur due to investing based on my writings on this blog.  Please contact a competent Financial Advisor before taking any decision regarding your investments.