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  3. Judith
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    Most Indians will agree that our state has not gone backwards and each dedace has been better than the previous one–but we are slow ,very slow,with a huge population- not fast enough in any field–it is the result of being a third world country + a practicing democracy.Rajeev, you say we are better off than what we were a dedace ago,but then, we were better off in 70s than what we were in 50s and 60s.But the rate of progress was never at the maximum.We cannot really blame the political leaders for not opening up the country to west –after the experience of years of struggle–that too—involving native people at all levels of society against the Brits for freedom.Indian society struggled against not only povery but caste and problems of multiple religions and the tensions that go with it.Also remember the father of the nation was for’self sustaining village economy’.:-).I must say the political leaders of the day were bold to go in for planned economy under the surcomstance.Can you blame them for wanting to have as little to do with the west –when the leaders there were busy meddling in the political affairs of the lesser countries–CIA etc were real then you know:-).and it is well known now that they meddled in the affairs and ellections of even a small state like Kerala.Cannot blame our slowness on others but cant blame us for being very suspicious too.But I suppose we should be confidant enough now .

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