Know How to Save Money on Car Rental

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If you are planning to pay a visit to any nearby location, then traveling by car is most advisable. You may think to travel by your own car, but I must say that it’s not a very smart option. Rather hiring a car is a more recommended option. It is safer should there be any car break down and cheaper as well. You can also have options to save money on car-rental. If you wonder how, then continue reading the article.

Check out for lower rates: Shop around well and look out for the best car-rental rates. There are many car-rental companies in your area. Call them personally and collect rates and estimates. Choose the one that offers the lowest, but believable price. Look out for further discounts through an AARP or AAA membership or even by booking through your credit card’s website. In order to make sure that you get the best rate possible, check the rates at locations – both at the airport or off-site.


City vs. airport: You will find that car-rentals near airport are more expensive that car-rentals at city. There are many states and municipalities that levy exorbitant taxes and user fees on airport rentals. On the other hand, car rentals at a city or off-airport location are cheaper. So, it is advisable to consider hiring a car at a city rather than the airport.

Do not go for brand name: It is advisable to not go for brand names like Avis, Hertz and other big national chains, instead go for local agencies. While these local car agencies have lower operating costs, their cars, which can be found at websites like, and others, typically cost 15 to 30 percent less than mainstream agencies. Moreover, to boost brand recognition, many small car-rental agencies, whose fleet includes BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagens, offer heavy discounts. So, look out for such car-rental agencies.

Look for discount: There are many car-rental agencies that offer discounts to the members of frequent flyer programs, corporate travelers, AAA subscribers and members of AARP. Do research online and find out about such discounts offered by car-rentals. This is one of the best ways to save considerable amount on hiring a car.

Take a look at weekend rate: Depending on where you are renting a car, car-rental agencies offer lower rate on weekend rather than the week days. So, if you have flexibility in travel plans, try to fix the dates on week days, instead of weekend. Hence, check out the websites of the car rentals and see the availability of lowest rates on week days.

Avoid unnecessary insurance: Often time, car rental companies try to sell insurance, accompanying the car you take for a rent. This sometimes makes you shell out a huge amount from the pocket. So, always try to avoid any kind of unnecessary insurance when renting a car. Moreover, many homeowners have car insurance policies and premium credit cards that the cost of any undesirable accident.

Hence, when you are looking for renting a car, keep these pointers in mind to avoid any unnecessary expenses. Not only so, these tips will help you save considerable amount of car-rental.

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