Chatwing: Improving Social Media Advantage

This is a guest post for Chatwing, an online chatroom for chatting across the social media.

If the Internet can offer several absolute truths, the importance of social media can definitely top the list. From all aspects of our lives, social media has created leverages which made the unknown known, and the impossible, possible. People become connected with the help of social media, and even online transactions are accomplished in this manner. Pleasure seekers will also gain numerous benefits through social media, such as game portals, entertainment, gossips, and many more.

chatwingAfter exploring the blogosphere, I came across a simple application that can help me step up into the realm of social media. This application is from an online company known as Chatwing, and it appears as an embeddable chatroom. Normally, I consider widgets as blunt apps that I can pass off. However, a friend of mine recommended Chatwing—so I took the widget plunge. I kept in mind that social media enhancement is my goal.

Installation of the widget took only few seconds—twenty at maximum (it may vary). The fun part started in the customization process. I managed to tinker with dozens of color combinations, and setting the background colors also proved enjoyable. The customization took up almost thirty minutes, because I am meticulous when it comes to appearances. After finishing the setup in my dashboard, I just waited for results.

The chatroom went live even before I finished a short Sudoku puzzle. It’s time to test-run the chat widget’s capability of social media enhancement. During the first few hours of usage, my website visitors logged in with their Facebook and Twitter accounts. I clicked their usernames and sent them invitations. I repeated the process over a week and got considerable results. In a week, my social network has grown by approximately 30%. The numbers will go high if I commit to this continuously.

With the Chatwing chat software, real-time communication will almost have no limits. Its social media capability can help people connect with each other regularly. More than that, Chatwing chatroom treasures connection and grants significant leverage to admins.

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