H&M All set for Enter India

Budget fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz said on Tuesday it was preparing to apply to enter India, after government last year fully opened up single-brand retail to foreign firms. H&M spokeswoman Kristina Stenvinkel said Chief Executive Karl-Johan Persson was in India and would on Tuesday meet Trade Minister Anand Sharma.

- www.tonetoatl.com

– www.tonetoatl.com

“We have, as we have said before, looked at India for a while, but there have been certain limitations,” Stenvinkel said. “We will now present H&M and our plans for India. We are interested in opening stores there. What we are doing now is preparing to apply to start a wholly-owned subsidiary.”




One comment on “H&M All set for Enter India

  1. India is the largest middle class market in the world.
    No business can avoid being here…so laong as they have deeppockets and we have large hands to collect under the table

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