Three Unforgettable SEO Tips

In this blog article we present the top 3 SEO tips for you to take into consideration when planning out your company’s online marketing strategy.

Optimizing Page Titles

The first and most important step you should take is to make sure the keyword you are targeting is in the actual page title. This is the equivalent of saying: Search engines we exist for these particular keywords.

Most SEO consultants should tell you that before starting, they will need to find what are the relevant keywords for your company´s website. If your industry is particular (or specific), you probably know this better than most consultants: A website like that ofDr. Jamie Sands or Stacy Blackman Consulting will need to focus on their niche markets and keywords related to those niche markets, in these cases dental services and MBA application consulting.

You need to do some basic research, and figure out what the most relevant keywords for your company are. Something you can do is review your competitor’s page titles, which will give you a good idea of the keywords you should be using. Aside from this, we will focus on what´s called “long-tail” keywords. This can be understood as phrase-like words, which are more specific to a particular topic (3 or 4 words). These can convert better if you are able to identify how your customers are finding your products. As an example, Nike would want to optimize its website to long-tail terms such as ¨Sports´ Product for Athletes¨, while a Donor Walls company might want to optimize for long-tail terms such as ¨Sign in New York¨.


Natural Link Building

Everyone with a website has heard about link building, which means connecting different websites through in-links. Link building has dramatically changed in the past few years, and doing it incorrectly can hurt your company.

These should happen organically, and the best way to get these links is by creating great content. Another great way to get links to your site is guest posting on other websites. Other than that you should have successful social media activity (and building followers), and associating yourself with unique an interesting bloggers with relevant interests. In reality, a high-traffic blog is only as good as the information it shares, otherwise readers will not visit it often. Having a blog section like that of websites such as theNew York Times or Rapid Value Solutions can pay its dividends.

Inspiring Content

Aside from writing for other blogs, it is also important to write interesting content on your site. In recent years writing gibberish with bad grammar on your site was completely fine. As long you were hitting the targeted keywords, you would have good rankings on search engines. Those days are gone. Today the differentiating factor for websites is creating unique and fascinating content.

We recommend you focus on what your readers want: Info graphics, inspirational stories, great pictures, and videos. You should make your audience want to share your content.

If you follow these simple advices, you should slowly see your traffic grow. Relevant traffic will gradually show you what you are doing wrong and what you should start doing better.

Edinson Alberto Arrieta Aguas (Guest Writer)