Five Jobs with Awesome Benefits

When trying to choose what type of career to pursue in life, a lot of different factors have to be considered. You can’t just base your decision on salary or what type of work you’ll be doing. You also have to look at the other benefits that come with it. Here are five jobs with awesome benefits that can help you in a big way.

Government Jobs

Most full-time government jobs have amazing benefits that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. For example, you get access to a retirement plan that doesn’t always require you to save any of your own money toward it. You get health insurance, life insurance, and several days off per year.

five jobs with awesome benefitsTeacher

Working as a teacher is difficult, but it does have good benefits. When you work as a teacher, you get to participate in the teacher retirement plan and get help with tuition if you still need college hours. You get many sick and personal days every year. On top of that, you get off for a few months in the summer and you get off around Christmas. In some teaching jobs, you can even get part of your student loan balances forgiven. Although it is a lot of work, it’s tough to beat the benefits that come with being a teacher.

Business Executive

Working as a business executive definitely has its perks as well. Depending on what company you work for, you might be able to get access to many different benefits. For example, you could get things like health insurance, life insurance, disability coverage, 401(k) plan, cafeteria plan, corporate gifts, and paid vacation. Some executives also get stock options and other financial bonuses that help sweeten the deal beyond what they already have.

Utility Worker

Working for a utility company also typically provides you with good benefits. They pay out some of the highest rates around toward employee retirement plans. Many of the workers in this industry are unionized, which tends to lead to a very formal package of benefits.


The banking industry is known for having some of the best benefits for their employees. You will get many of the things that you need paid for on top of your nice salary. You’ll get a good health insurance plan, paid vacation, retirement benefits, and compensation for any licensing requirements you’ll need.

These five careers have the potential to provide you with a lot more than just a decent salary.

Annette Hazard (Guest Writer)