Watching TV on a PC

Every year, people are spending more time on their computers and less time in front of their televisions. However, this does not mean that people are avoiding traditional entertainment options. Watching TV shows and movies are still popular, but some people are using their computers to watch media instead of watching it on their television. Here are a few ways to watch TV on your computer.

– TV tuner
TV tuners can be easily installed on desktop computers, and tuners are available for both standard definition and high definition television. While there will be some installation involved, the quality of these devices is high, and they can allow you to watch television in full-screen mode or in a small window. For those who enjoy multitasking, this can be a great way to allow you to watch television while performing other tasks on your computer.


– Video streaming services
Another option many people are considering is using one of the major video streaming services. By paying a monthly fee that is usually less than $10, people can watch some of their favorite television shows on their computers. While these plans may not contain all of the television shows you may want to watch, their libraries are constantly growing, and some of these streaming plans are now producing exclusive shows. Further, their libraries are large enough that many people are cutting their cable bills and instead watching streaming media at a fraction of the cost.

– Direct connection to a cable box or satellite
Thanks to standardization in the high tech industry, devices are more compatible than ever before. As a result, many cable boxes and satellite connectors now contain standard HDMI connections. Many computers are capable of accepting these inputs, which can allow you to directly connect your cable box or satellite dish to your computer. Computer screens are of a higher resolution than even the most advanced televisions, and a computer maybe capable of recording video to watch at a future date. These direct connections give you a flexibility that no television can match.

– Local media streaming
One option that has become increasingly popular is to use a local media streaming device. Instead of connecting a PC directly to an input device, a second computer is used to collect this information and convert into a streamable format. This information can then be sent over a wireless connection to multiple devices throughout a house. While these devices will demand custom configuration, they can provide a level of power unmatched by other solutions. Further, it is possible to buy ready-made local servers online although costs may be too high for some. Still, those looking for the ultimate in media streaming may want to consider this option.

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Fonthip (Guest Writer)