Top Three New Features in Smartphones

The smartphone industry moves at an alarming race as companies from around the world attempt to corner the market, and this means there are features that many customers remain unaware of. While many of these features are not frequently needed, some have revolutionized the way customers can interact with their mobile devices. Here is a closer look at three of the most exciting features that many smartphones now boast and the best way to take advantage of this technology.

new features in smartphoneHoverscreens

One of the biggest downfalls of smartphones in previous years has been the inability to right-click or hover over links and media in order to bring up additional information. While customers could purchase Android accessories such as mouse or keyboard, many wanted a slightly different choice. This technology is called various names, but many phones will now pick up a signal for those hovering their finger over the screen. This brings up additional options for a number of buttons, links, and media files, much like a standard desktop or laptop computer.


There are more options than ever when it comes to transferring information, but directly sending files between two phones was always a laborious affair. Customers were often forced to use a mini-USB, cloud server, or transfer the files through a third-party program. The tap-to-transfer feature has revolutionized the sharing of files with a single app and wireless connection.

Popularized by Samsung Galaxy phones, this option allows users to tap the screen and then tap their phones together. This feature is also referred to as “beaming” and it relies on NFC, or near field technology. Both of the phones that are being used to transfer information must be running the Android operating system and be within a short distance of one another. The information is then transferred within just a moment’s time.

Voice Controls

Few features have become as popular as seamless voice controls for one’s mobile devices. There are a number of manners in which the user can control their phone with their voice ranging from default writing apps to third-party programs for maps. This technology was hit-or-miss at first, but each new generation of smartphones has dramatically improved the function of the voice controls and users can now write entire emails, text friends, or carry out hands-free searches while driving. As this feature is added to more and more phones, many users may find themselves no longer needing keyboards at all.

Madyson Grant (Guest Writer)