5 Tips for Buying a Home this Summer

Empty nesters, growing families, and newlyweds should consider buying a home this summer. Summer is the best time to buy not only because of the weather but price outlook is looking good. Here are five helpful things a potential buyer should know about housing this summer.

Ask for Professional Help

A real estate agent can help. They’re ready and will to help customers find a new home. They have specific tools of the trade to narrow down the best place. A realtor knows what is for sale in several different locations. They will provide the best advice and information when it comes to loans, and they will set up appointments for viewing homes. Every step of the way, a good realtor will be there to answer any questions and determine if a house is worth the asking price. They will also keep good records of what you have seen and negotiate with a seller if you are adamant about a purchase.

buying a houseGet Pre-Approved

An approved home loan will help the whole moving process go smoother. As long as the bills and credit cards have been managed well there should be nothing to worry about when it comes to getting a loan. Pay off bills that could affect a credit score. Another thing to consider is using saving as a sizeable down payment. It’s a great way to keep the house payment low for a 15 year or 30 year mortgage. If this will be a first time buying experience find out if there are any qualifying credits. If feeling brave ask mom and dad to help with money advice or even a monetary gift.

Location, Location, Location

If relocating to a new city, take time to visit the city and drive around neighborhoods. A great price but a bad neighborhood is a deal breaker. A nice community but a rundown home should also be avoided. Do some research on the internet and look up crime rates, public schools, transportation, and shopping options. Visiting the area and seeing things is a must. There could shady characters or rundown neighborhoods. There could be greener grass one town over. Take the time to check things out.

Stick to a Fixed Price Range

Things can get out of hand fairly quickly if a buyer doesn’t stick to a price range. Lock in a price range and don’t budge even if there are 100 homes to search through. Determine what kind of house payment is reasonable. There are taxes, utilities, and moving expenses that should not be forgotten. As long as a loan and down payment are locked in there’s no reason to stray from the home buying plan. Sometimes in the summer months homes can be snatched up quickly because of families relocating before a new school year starts. Lock a price in and find a home that fits.

Double Check Everything

A walk-through is an important task to complete before any closing papers are signed. Make sure the yard has been tended and the sprinkler system is in working order. Check all running water faucets and toilets. Check the roof, attic, and basement if necessary for any overlooked leaks or damage. Check the electrical box and all light switches, the outlets too. A thorough assessment before moving day can catch any discrepancies and get them taken care of. On moving day make sure the kids and pets are taken care of too.

Author Bio: Doug Raymond loves food, fishing and football. He has years of experience and expertise building new homes in Naperville area as well as other parts of Chicago. Please see more of his articles and visit his Google + profile to see more.