Naperville: Illinois’ Hidden Gem

Many people haven’t even heard about Naperville, Illinois, but there are some other things about this city that are worth hearing about. In 2006, Money Magazine named this beautiful city the second best place to live in the United States. It was also named the Midwest’s wealthiest city in 2010 and eleventh in the nation.


Joseph Naper is credited with being one of the founders of this area in 1831. He arrived with friends and family and by 1832 the population was over 100. This community remained predominantly rural until they experienced a population boom that started in the 1960’s and continued on through the 1990’s. The main reason that the population picked up the way it did was in large part due to the construction of the East-West Tollway as well as Interstate 355. The biggest benefit of living in this city though is that it is so close to Chicago giving the best of both worlds having the feel of its small town roots but with access to such a large city.


What started out as a small quiet farming town, it has evolved into an affluent city and the fifth-largest in the state. Another unique thing about this city is that it lies in two counties with about 95,000 residents living n the DuPage County side and 45,000 on the Will County side.


Many popular retailers have contributed to the local economy in Naperville, providing jobs as well as shopping for those who live there. In fact, OfficeMax moved their headquarters to this city in 2006. Overall Naperville was in the top ten fastest growing communities in the 1990’s in the United States. Naperville homes for sale usually go quickly as they are in such high demand.


From 1990 to 2010, the Naperville Public Library was ranked number one in the country. A good library usually indicates the level of education and the worth of knowledge to the community in which it lies. In fact, there are three libraries that are found within the city limits, giving the residents in this community a large base of knowledge. They are all used quite heavily by the public, with around five million items circulated by about one and a half million visitors yearly.

There are other notable events and attractions that draw people in to visit the culture within this city. In 1999, Naperville constructed the Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon which earned them the designation of a White House Millennium Community. The Carillon has 72 bells and in one of four towers worldwide that spans six octaves. Another attraction is the first public-private automobile test track in the country. With over eleven car dealerships, the city decided to open this area in October 2006. It has been quite the appeal to auto enthusiasts and brings in many tourists. There is also an independent film festival that happens annually, and puts Naperville on the map for many visitors.

Author Bio: Doug Raymond loves food, fishing and football. He has years of experience and expertise building new homes in Naperville area as well as other parts of Chicago. Please see more of his articles and visit his Google + profile to see more.