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Your best friend’s birthday is coming up and being a yearly ritual, you are scratching your head trying to find out the gift you want to buy for him.  A bigger headache is when you realize that it’s the month end and you don’t really have the budget to buy a gift for him. Also, there is no way you can wriggle yourself out of the commitment too. With work commitments, you don’t find time to go shopping physically and buy something.

That’s when you wish there was a good discount site where you can go and buy gifts. A website that is reliable and directs you only to reputable online merchants and gives you deals that are genuine.

Enter CouponDunia. A one stop online shop for all the best deals in the Indian ecommerce universe.  And to top it all, shop for the best brands from the best merchants from the comfort of your home. Get the best deals on some of the best brands and products available and get them delivered to your home.  All, without moving an inch from your couch. For someone who loves traveling and wants the best deals in travel packages, tickets and hotels, go to GoIbibo Coupons.  Some of the best deals on flights, holidays and hotel bookings are available there.  There are some terrific deals available on hotel bookings, discount in flight tickets and bus tickets.  Best of all, there are also good deals on international flights.

most popular online storesWhy CouponDunia?  One can spend hours together browsing the net for some good deals and there is no single site that can give you a comparison as to which site is giving you the best deal.  Go to CouponDunia, register with them and see the best deals flood your inbox daily.  Always wanted to buy the next mobile from Samsung, but didn’t know if there was a good deal available?  Leave it to the good guys from CouponDunia, they will do the sifting of the wheat from the chaff and send the best deals to your inbox.  Like the discount that is being offered?  Just click the link, purchase the product and during checkout don’t forget to key in the discount coupon code that was shown by CouponDunia to get the best deals on the product. Shopclues Coupons give you the best deals on electronic goods and accessories.  There are some terrific deals on mobile phones, computers, tablets, cameras, jewellery, watches etc.

Don’t want to wait for the best deals to appear in  your inbox? Visit the CouponDunia website and see the list of all the best deals available online. Imagine the hassle you will have to undergo when you have to go to individual store sites to search for the best deal.  Just visit the CouponDunia site, and choose the coupons based on the kind of products you want to buy the coupons for and the coupons that fit your budget.

latest couponsCant find the coupons that you want?  Fret not. Simply go to the Coupons Store link and there are more than 700 online merchants whose deals you can buy.  From online domains to booking bus tickets to buying car accessories to pizzas, there is something for everyone.  More than 700 merchants and their thousands of deals on millions of products are listed on the site.  That means you have something to gift for each of your friends for their birthdays, anniversaries, marriage etc.

Btw, don’t restrict the site to your friends only.  Look out for the thousands of deals on the site, there will be many good deals that you would also like to lay your hands on.  Gift and pamper yourself.  Finished reading a book? Gift yourself another book. Kept your weight in check by following a healthy diet?  Indulge yourself once in a while by ordering yourself a pizza.  Or visit Foodpanda Coupons and order some lipsmacking and delicious fast food.  They deliver from a variety of fast food outlets like Subway, PapaJohns, Spaghetti, Open Oven etc to your doorstep.  Their service is available in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune amongst other cities.

featured couponsAlways wanted to buy your girlfriend that sexy lingerie, but were shy to walk into a shop to buy one for her?  Just logon to the CouponDunia site and there are online lingerie merchants like Cilory where you can buy lingerie, fashion products, family planning products, health products, books etc.

Your friend has become a parent for the first time and he has thrown a party?  And you don’t know what to gift them? Go to CouponDunia and buy baby products for the newborn and the mother.

CouponDunia not has deals from online retailers, but also allows you to search for deals from other merchant sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal etc using the search option on the top right corner of the website.  Search by the merchant name and CouponDunia will locate the best deals on these sites for you.

Also, don’t forget to like the CouponDunia Facebook site to keep yourself updated on the latest deals, offers, discounts, freebies and contests that are offered by the site daily.  There are a lot of prizes to be won.  Their Facebook site already has more than 150,000 likes.

Happy Shopping 🙂