Five SEO Suggestions for Start-Up Companies

Since the dawn of SEO (search engine optimization) in the information technology, many small local businesses have benefited. Good SEO methods and techniques can make businesses’ websites rank higher in search engine result pages using specific search keywords, thus, gaining more exposure from people who search using those specific keywords. This high ranking resulted and results to an increase of brand awareness and, of course, number of consumers of the brand. SEO is used by both large and small business, local or international. But start-up companies can really benefit from this to raise their brand awareness, and here are some suggestions small local start-up companies can follow for successful SEO.

seo for startup companies

  1. Find a good SEO company via search engine. SEO aims to rank a website higher than others in a specific keyword search; thus, it is only rightly that you test an SEO’s ability by searching if they can do the same to their own website. Using all accessible search engines, search the local SEO in your area (for example “Scottsdale SEO” or “SEO in Scottsdale”), and choose those SEO companies that appear the highest in all your searches using different form of the keyword. Their high ranking will vouch for their expertise and their ability to do the same to your website.
  2. Beware of cheap SEO packages. Some SEO companies will offer you a package deal—a number of service for a specific monthly fee. For example, they will offer you a $79 deal, which includes 300 links, 300 comments, 300 contents, etc. But beware of these. They either have hidden charges that can shock you, or these methods have been tagged as spammy by search engine algorithms and can even harm your site’s online reputation than help you. Always ask questions before making the actual purchase.
  3. Look for an SEO company that offers various services. It is also wise to contract with an SEO company that offers several other services. SEO is no longer about links; a good SEO company will offer you website design and development, genuine quality content development, social media optimization, online reputation management, and additional services to pair up with your high ranking for better online marketing and advertising. Besides, what good can high ranking do when you have no reviews or ratings online? Or worse, you have bad reviews and ratings.
  4. Be aware of the methods used. SEO results are not seen over night. Often, they take months to show you a promising increase in your website’s traffic. When a company offers you to build your online presence in just one week, beware. There is what we call the black hat method—unethical, spammy, and damaging methods. Many start-up sites have been blocked from being shown in search engine result pages because of these methods from cheap SEO companies; do not let this happen to your site as well. Ask about the company’s methods thoroughly and scrutinizingly; this is for your own safety.
  5. Know when to employ SEO. Depending on your business nature, the need for SEO also varies. Some companies need long-term SEO for continuous brand awareness, while others only need a project-based or seasonal SEO for their specific products and/or services. Assess the need of your company, products, and/or services and decide whether or not a long-term SEO is best for you.

Author Bio: Manilyn Moreno is the Online Marketing and Content Manager for a catering software company. She likes to write about cooking, traveling, and event planning.