A spectacular exhibition stand can add a whale of value to your Event Branding!

Event branding is no longer a cock and bull story. You have professional companies who can help you design the best exhibition stands leveraging on the branding of the entire event.

exhibition standsBranding – BTL is all in vogue!

Branding is a pivotal part of the corporation’s marketing strategy. That said, every marketing activity one undertakes needs to be associated with a dollar value and ROI. Marketers are tagging the trend of below the line promotional techniques like events, emails and sms that are cost effective yet engaging.

Marketers have long craved to remain at the top of the mind of its target. Trying out luck at the events has always proved to be the favorite gimmick of marketers. The underlying reason to organize an event is to ramp up the sales and marketing of new product or existing services. Event management and branding is a great deal of exercise involving the graphics display set ups, third party alliances, exhibition stand installation, stall design and much more. While executing a world class event, most companies forget or do not weigh enough on the displays stands.

Branding you event requires a lot many considerations and one of them is display stand. It’s the exhibition stand that attracts footfalls in the stall. It should be precise and contain eye catchy information and graphics provoking person to walk in to the stall and take an action. Just one exhibition stand can add a whale lot of value to your event branding activity.

Exhibition Stand can make or break your D-day!

The exhibition stands can be either covered with full size banners providing the business goals, services and benefits of the product or just the glimpse of what’s in store for consumers if they visit the store. Ofcourse, the blend of two is advisable. The best banner stands attract a lot of eye balls and in turn the qualified leads for your business.

Ensure that the exhibition stand uses recyclable banners so to use it the second time. Also, to brand your event through an exhibition stand the stands should be colourful yet as per the brand guidelines of the company.

There are event branding companies who provide you with a wide range of stand choices to choose from that can match your event branding. Moreover, exhibition stands can retain guerrilla marketing concept and attract footfalls. More is the event stand unique and catchy, more the event branding and footfalls!

Rosemary Huckstep (Guest Writer)