Three Personalities to Avoid Hiring

As many business owners know, proper hiring practices are essential to successful ventures. Who you have representing your business and carrying out day to day operations can very well affect your company image and of course determine its output. In recent days Human Resource Management has become something of a science, with even small businesses paying increasing attention to how they carry out their recruitment efforts and of course how they make their final selection.

now hiringThis of course comes along with its own set of challenges. You can search for the right qualifications, but if the person can’t fit into your organizational culture, you’re destined for failure. It’s hard to determine who exactly will be a great, long-lasting employee, but you can try to stay away from the following personalities.


These people may very well be qualified on paper to do the work- they’ll have the education and experience necessary. What’s difficult is that you can’t tell from their resume or CV whether they were motivated and completed their own tasks.

Freeloaders tend to be lazy when working in teams- this can be especially difficult in smaller businesses. You just can’t afford have one link on your chain not pulling their own weight.

So how can you spot a freeloader during an interview? You need to get an idea of how much energy they have- this can be done by observing their physical energy and also by asking them to describe a time in which they took initiative and captained a project.

Overly Emotional Employees

Some employees have a hard time keeping their emotions at bay in the workplace. They may be exceedingly aggressive, too sensitive to criticism, or unable to separate their personal life from their home life. Overly emotional employees also tend to be negative and big complainers.

Most people, regardless of their personality, know how to avoid certain warning signs during interviews, so it can be difficult to spot someone who won’t be able to contain their emotions once hired.

Ask them for specific examples from their professional history, regarding difficult situations in the workplace or how they resolved conflicts with their colleagues.


These may be the most dangerous employees. They can really make it difficult for those around them, meaning they have the potential to cause other great people to leave your organization. Narcissists may be highly qualified and charismatic- they may seem to tick off all the boxes of a competent, qualified person who can really move your business forward.

Once contracted, however, they may be relentless in their pursuit of recognition. They can be manipulative and refuse to learn from their mistakes. What’s worse, they can steal credit from others.

During an interview, be sure to ask even the most confident candidates about their experience working in a team. Do they focus on their individual accomplishments or are they able to give credit to the team?

When hiring new talent, stay away from these three personalities, and try to consider whether the person fits into your workplace culture. They don’t have to be someone you’d like to be friends with, just someone you feel is healthy and balanced and will be able to get the job done without issue.

Nyima Sonia Bieber (Guest Writer)