5 Innovative Tips for SEO friendly Web Design

One of the clichés in the designing world is that websites should be SEO friendly. That is like saying sun is hot and water is cold but clichés are usually such that people continue to utter them without understanding the real meaning. Of course, every website must have its web design in such a way that it is easily found by search engines and that is what SEO is all about. However, most web designers do not understand this basic rule of designing and continue to take matters related to SEO for granted. With an increasing focus on social media and blogging, good old SEO practices have taken a backseat. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to remember the basic SEO best practices while designing a website. Here are some of the most important SEO best practices that web designers should always bear in mind:

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  1. Use semantic code
  2. Do not abuse keywords
  3. Avoid AJAX
  4. Concentrate on incoming links
  5. Maintain consistency in URLs.

These tips can be further explained below with regard to the actual web design process:

Why semantic code is important in web design

The Semantic Web is led by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is an international standards body. The collaborative movement encourages semantic content to be included within web pages so that a common framework can be established across the Internet. This ensures easy accessibility of information to web crawlers. It helps to optimize pages for search engine sin a way that other methods can’t.

Keywords shouldn’t be used but shouldn’t be ignored either

Many professionals stuff pages with keywords. It can have a negative effect on SEO and bring down the search ranking of web pages. Instead, one should recognize one or two keywords and use them only once so that web crawlers know what a certain body of content is all about. This ensures that the content is relevant, meaningful and easy to be accessed by web crawlers.

AJAX, Flash and JavaScript must be avoided

Flash is not SEO friendly and content that is generated with the help of AJAX cannot be linked to. JavaScript sometimes does not load on mobile browsers and there are a host of reasons why these 3 programs should be replaced with CSS 3 and HTML 5. Nonetheless, many web designers still continue to use these programs and end up crating websites that are not SEO friendly. The trick is to stay in touch with the latest web technologies and use them as any good web designing company would do.

Link building should concentrate on incoming links

While outbound links are fine, one should dedicate time towards incoming links. They help reveal teh importance of content on your website. However, ensure that you get links through honest methods. Do not purchase or coax others to link you. Write great content and get linked.

URLs must be consistent and regular

Follow the same URL protocols throughout the website. Do not change or alter them in between. This may result in broken links and a bad search engine ranking.

Author Bio: Mary Yohanan is a consultant at a web designing company. His specific interests are SEO, link building and HTML 5. He often helps his colleagues to stay in touch with the latest in web designing methods.