When Is It Appropriate to Put Your Parents Into a Nursing Home

Many people today have the responsibility of caring for not only their children, but also their aging parents. Senior citizens are living longer and enjoying healthier lives than seniors in the past. Even so, as they age they often face unique challenges to maintaining their independence. When people realize that their parents are getting to the point where they can no longer live independently, they may consider moving their parents to a San Antonio elder care facility.

parentsKnowing when to make this move is vital, however. Insisting that senior citizens move to a nursing home prematurely could cause hard feelings and hostility between the parents and their children. The parents might remove their children from any legal documents giving them the authority to make this decision on the parents’ behalf. On the other hand, waiting too long could jeopardize the parents’ safety and health. Thus, people are advised to take several things into consideration before moving their parents to a nursing home:

Are Your Parents Safe in Their Home?

Safety is a primary aspect that people should scrutinize before they move their parents. If their parents can still walk and get around their home safely, they may be left there until it is no longer safe for them to live in their house. As long as they can walk without falling, get out of the bathtub or shower, use the restroom, and get out of chairs or recliners okay, people may decide to leave their parents at home.

Do Your Parents Have the Mental Capacity to Live on Their Own?

Seniors who are exhibiting signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s generally should be assessed by their doctors to determine for sure that they are losing their mental facilities. With a solid diagnosis, people should waste no time in finding safer and better-suited housing for their parents. Likewise, parents who forget to take their medications, turn off their stoves, extinguish candles, or exhibit other dangerous behaviors should also be moved to a safer location. These behaviors could lead to their being hurt or dying.

How Often Can You Check On Your Parents?

If a person cannot visit his or her elderly parents every day or at least every other day, that individual may consider moving them to a nursing home. Some elderly people can get in-home care and do not need to move; those that cannot might fare better in a nursing home.

These considerations are vital when making this decision.

Madyson Grant (Guest Writer)