Indian-American student comes up with an effective cancer treatment method

cancer treatment

Indian-American student Arjun Nair has done a promising study in the field of cancer which has helped him earn recognition from across the globe. Nair has explained how an antibiotic can overcome the defensive mechanism by cancer cells, after working on the concept at the University of Calgary’s Nanoscience Labs in Alberta for two years. He has also earned top prize in the 20th Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Canada. “Proof-of-concepts were developed and tested in order to demonstrate the viability of PTT,” said Nair in a statement. “Moreover, after analyzing the literature a mathematical model was developed to evaluate a theoretical synergetic treatment.” “It’s the start of a fantastic research career for this young man,” said Jon Fairest, president of Biotech Sanofi Canada after honouring Nair with the awards.