What You Need To Know About Photochromic Lenses

Many individuals are aware of what photochromic lenses are. For those who do not know, photochromic lenses are eyeglass lenses that automatically darken when exposed to sunlight. These lenses provide 100 percent protection from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. Due to this, your need to wear prescription sunglasses are eliminated in most situations. Choosing a photochromic version of polycarbonate lens material is a good choice for your glasses Oakville.

photochromicOrigin of photochromic lenses

 Photochromic lenses were originally made from glass and first developed in the 1960s. “Photos” means light and “Chroma” means color in the Greek language. The term “photochromic” comes from these two words. Just as the lenses change color in outdoor daylight, it comes back to its original transparency when not exposed to light.

Photochromic lenses for medical applications

Certain photochromic lenses are also used in medical applications. Photochromic lenses with red colors that are specially selected are offered by some brands. These are at times prescribed to the patients to enhance the patient’s vision. Macular degeneration is one such condition, photochromic lenses are used for.

Many experts also believe that photochromic lenses are very suitable for reducing the risk of cataract. It is also very effective against many other age related eye problems. Exposure to ultraviolet rays over a period of time can damage the eyes in the long run. Buying glasses Oakville photochromic lens for your child may be a good way of early prevention of many eye conditions as well.

Sunglasses with photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses do not darken well enough when you are seated inside a vehicle. This is considered as a drawback by some as they might require prescription sunglasses in such cases. In order to overcome this problem, some manufacturers of lenses have come up with specially designed sun photochromic lenses that are ideal for driving during the day and outdoor wear as well. Photochromic glasses Oakville darken when in direct sunlight and provides a light tint while driving.

Transition lenses

Most photochromic lens brands use technology that is owned by the Transitions Optical Company. That is why some consumers and eye care providers refer to photochromic lenses as transition lenses. Although photochromic lenses by Transitions is the most popular, other lens brands also possess their own technology for photochromic lenses.

Transition lenses are widely popular because of their lightweight lens design and lens material. They also offer progressive lenses and bifocal lenses. They also offer grey and brown shades of Transitions photochromic lenses. Transitions Optical has partnered with various other lens manufacturers to make their photochromic lenses.

Transition lenses are made using the most lightweight lens materials. These materials include high-index plastics, trivex, polycarbonate and plastic. These lenses are not available in high index glass and other glass materials.

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