Ashok Leyland, Gujarat Ambuja


Sold off the laggard Ashok Leyland. Though it might have grown over a period of time, the opportunity cost is a bit too much for me to hold on to. Also liquidated my final interest in Gujarat Ambuja Cements at a good 34% profit. Inspite of being quite bullish over the Infrastructure sector, i havent started buying into any of the companies. GMR, Gammon, GVK, HCC, Punj Llloyd etc are good buys. Am researching the levels at which they can be bought into.


The markets collapsed today after opening well towards the end. Though the experts would like to paint it as “profit booking”, am not so confident about that. Also, BNP Paribas today issued some warnings about the US sub prime market losses. 3 of their funds have suffered a lot. I have a strong feeling that tomorrow there might be a bloodbath. Sort of a black friday? I might be wrong too.

Am rubbing my hands with glee. Hope to pick up some great stocks at dirt cheap prices 😉