New Hyderabad Airport on 2nd March 2008

hyderabad airport

Was thinking that i will go back home next year when the new Hyderabad airport opens. But looks like i will be making a trip this year itself, so the chances of me touching down at the new airport is nil. Maybe i will try to make a trip to the new aiport to see how its shaping up. Also lotsa changes in the city since i went last. During my last trip, i didnt have time to go around the city. Just stayed home and rest of the time, shopped like mad πŸ˜‰


Even though Hyderabad airport started construction last, its on track to breast the tape first before the Bangalore airport that will only open in April. Hyderabad will be the first city to have a completely new greenfield airport built from scratch through the Public Private Partnership (PPP). Isnt that a reason to celebrate? Yes. With companies like GMR, Malaysian Airports Authority, Airports Authority of India, Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Munich Airport International involved, its indeed going to be a rocking city. GMR is in talks with at least 15 airlines to fly into Hyderabad (and that includes British Airways). The New Hyderabad airport will also be hosting Routes-2009 (an annual congregation of international airline companies and airports.)


Hyderabad, Aug. 16: The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad will start functioning from March 2 next year. At the stroke of the midnight hour, the Begumpet airport will fall silent. Operations will formally shift to the new airport from 12.01 am. Sources said the Hyderabad International Airport Limited conveyed its readiness to start operations at Shamshabad from March 2 to the Airport Authority of India and the government.

β€œThe first flight will land on the newly built 4.62 km long runway in November for a trial run,” a senior official said. The Director General of Civil Aviation will issue a notification on the date of commencement of operations. β€œPilots will then be informed of the new flight path,” said the official. Transfer of operations will be done with so much precision that flights will be controlled by the Begumpet Air Traffic Control before 12 am and by the new ATC at Shamshabad after that. HIAL has engaged Munich Airport International, a specialist in transfer of operations, for this. It had shifted airports at Munich, Athens and Bangkok.

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  1. Good news for Developing INDIA and Hyderbad.. and nice blog!!


  2. Mohammed Ali says:

    INDIAN aviation market is nice to see a new TERMINAL for the convinience of the passengers.

  3. Prince. Mir Amjad Ali Khan says:

    I dnt wanna comment on the old one, but itz Great to have a New Airport @ Hyderabad. Hyderabad is Blooming.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hi the airport will commence operations from 16th March!!! It is indeed a spectacular-looking airport and quite promising in terms of the facilities!!! Quite a visual marvel!!

  5. vipul says:

    This airport sucks..not worth of 2500 crores
    very small terminal..not world class,
    even a shopping mall in hyd is much better than this airport..see the pics of hyderabad and
    banglore airports

  6. Sun says:

    Hmm, Vipul seems to be rooting for B’lore. A nice airport no doubt, but is it ok to compare? That being said, the GHAIL seems to have more mod-cons than the BIAL (in fact better than Shivaji in Mumbai). Even in other parameters, the two airports BIAL and GHIAL are comparable with GHIAL having a slight edge in some areas like runway and taxiway length etc.

    GHIAL = World class? A = Yes. Maybe not in the same league as major world airports like Changi – Singapore / Incheon – Seoul / Frankfurt (on Main), after all GHIAL is not expecting the kind of traffic those airports handle and therefore not that kind of revenue either. But GHIAL is definitely better than secondary airports in other countries!

    Incidentally just FYI, Hyderabad or Bangalore for that matter, will not
    be the “First” to have a new PPP airport. That distinction belongs to Kochi, their ‘new’ airport in PPP segment has been operational for years now.


  7. sampath says:

    hyderabad new airport is far better than banglore new airport with lots of facilities.

  8. Mirza says:

    I heard that the hyd airport will be a model of frankfurt or malaysia airport, I had been to Malaysia found it very fantastic airport overthere, I hope this airport will also be fantastic as well as unique in India.

  9. G. M. Khan says:

    Inshallah I will be landing at the new airport in march, I am very pleased to hear the news of opening the airport in march – good day


    whilst looking forward to the new airport I cannot forget the old airport which I have been using for the last 35 years. Begumpet airport was in those much better than many other international airports !!
    however late than never !!
    best wishes all the hyderabadis as I will be inshallah joining them after 35 years.

  11. Taher Syed says:

    I think we indians specially Hyderabadis are Big bluff Master…

    Of course it is not world class, forget being the best in asia. It is very small, and not many faclities are provided. The dubai, bangkok, kualalampur, singapore are all in Asia, and the infrastrucuture, service, professionalism and cleanliness in n out is uncomparable.

  12. Liju Philip says:

    Guys relax. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi every city is a part of India. Let’s be proud of the development that’s happening in India.

    Stop cribbing and stop taking sides.

  13. Mir Aijaz Ali says:

    Respected Sir
    How are you I am finbe by the grace of god I want Job in New Airport Please select me a good Job .

  14. indian says:

    vipul u do not seem to have researched well on the subject of the upcoming hyderabad International airport. With your limited knowledge try not to make a fool of yourself. If you still persist and say HIAL airport “sucks” then GOD help you and save you with your ignorant mind.

  15. Anonymous says:

    taher sayed, problem with you is you are getting carried away with the first world nations and stop comparing our HIAL with those airports. its a great step forward by AAI, Government of Andhra pradesh in this regard to bring India to the big league. It is true that so far we did not have world class infrastructure but now we are developing it. It is in the nascent stages. Appreciate the way your country is progressing!!!!stop complaining.

  16. Well wisher says:


    Instead of comparing things between the inter-state/ city airports let us all try to appreciate the developments taking place in our country. We all should be proud for the reason that we are able to experience one of the best facilities we have in almost all our major cities.

    World class airports doesn’t always depend on the infrastructure it also depends on how we use it and maintain it.

    The new Hyderabad airport may not be world class but are we world class??

  17. indian says:

    who said HIAL is NOT world class ? GMR group has revolutionized this airport in India and set standards for others to emulate. Its time we stop looking down at India’s infrastructure and appreciate the beautiful new projects eg: Delhi metro a truly world class project , HIAL , upcoming world class Outer Ring Road (8 lane ORR with 2 service lanes in Hyderabad), Mumbai-Pune expressway link etc. Many People think simply think what the WHITE SKINS develop is only a standard/ bench mark and appreciate only those in foreign lands. Common India is literally developing its infrastructure. Stop complaining and appreciate. What we got to see in foreign lands and the “DEVELOPED WEST” is finally coming to INDIA.

    proud to be an INDIAN

    cheers !! jai hind!!

  18. Naresh kumar says:

    Hi, Guys
    Can any one clarrify me about the transortation to the new air port from the city, i am soo much worried that to catch a flight from new airport i need to travel a day to reach it.

  19. Aditya says:

    I read on some website that there are goin to be around 120 buses plying from different points in the city to the new airport. How true is this info?

  20. Samdani says:

    its gonna be a real thrill 2 c New Airport and let me tell u 1 thing i never ever traveled in flight i thought of travelling in Jan but i came to know dat the new 1 is gonna start in the month March so i booked the tickets of Kingfisher just 2 c Airport.

  21. rafi says:

    hi friends,
    i am happy 2 hear that new airport but a single runway in 2day traffic is not enough we have all d resources but still we r lacking y

  22. indian says:

    hi rafi,

    HIAL airport has a single runway thats true. But other runways are going to come up in subsequent phases. The entire shamshabad project is NOT yet complete. It is being done in phases. So far only phase I is over.

  23. Saif Qulagi says:

    Hi, everyone I’m very much excited to have a brand new airport with all new technology in our great city of Hyderabad (A proud land of Nawab’s) I was been waiting for this moment it makes me proud to be an Indian and Hyderabadi…………get going Hyderabad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jaiswal says:

    Someone I know told me that when bringing in a cheap digital camera or laptop into Hyderabad from abroad, the customs officials wanted to inspect these items. I understand that this kind of inspection does NOT happen outside India. How many more decades will it take before Hyderabadi customs catches up with world standards? Will they ever learn to facilitate passengers rather than controlling them? These customs officials set up the first lousy experience for passengers after the mosquitoes.

  25. technology says:

    I am really very happy to read this blog from top to botton. Yes the new airport is real a great thing that is happening for hyderabad.

    I stay just a few kms away from airport and could even see new expressway flyover from my building. one think i am sure is the traffic on the inner ring connecting to international airport will going to change and increase many a times from midnight of 16th Marth. I wish flyover will be complete as soon as possible.

  26. Mohammed Obaidullah says:

    Its great to know that hyderabad airport is one of the big and best airport in south asia. When i vist to Hyderabad from dubai, I m always thinking when hyderabad airport become dubai airport. Now dreamz come true atleast 50 percent of new hyderabad is similar to dubai airport.I m very much proud to be a indian as well as hyderabadis ( A pride of Nawabs). Be Indian and proud to be a indian

  27. technology says:

    Obaid you are right. but its not airport that is making hyderabadis proud but also the other developments happening in the city like the 11.2 km expressway flyover which is the longest in the country and an outer ring road convering all the major areas of the city and going to be 200kms in length. There are many MNC’s coming to hyderabad and constructing their own buildings and offices (for a long term stay). Many world class shopping malls are coming in the city along with many beautiful restaurents. one of the beautiful thing happening in the city is the signature towers which is going to have around 100 floors. So many things to hyderabad. Hyderabadis and india is proud of this nawab’s city.

  28. Manaz says:

    BAIL looks like a big warehouse whereas HAIL looks rather stunning…It seems the designing team at BAIL got it all wrong.

  29. indian says:

    well said “technology”. What was once a luxury or dream one may have and can achieve only by visiting foreign lands, is now finally coming to India. We are coming with the biggest malls, longest flyovers(PVNR express way), tallest buildings (LANCO and APIIC towers), longest runways (new shamshabad airport runway). It seems we are having a sudden explosion of growth in Urban infrastructure. If you happen to visit Hyderabad Central, you get a feeling as if it is not India. You get the same experience if you visit the Imax theatre. These 2 are pretty good landmarks. As you said there are more interesting landmarks coming up like the Lanco hills 110 storey signature tower and the APIIC cum Reliance tower which is going to stand 100 floors or 450 metres tall whn completed. Apart from that there are “intelligent living spaces” being devloped by some builders where one could find them only in foreign lands. India is finally shedding its 3rd world country image with its world class infrastructure. Most of these are private developments. But the roads are still in a bad shape in Hyderabad. We do not have world class roads (i am talking about at least 6 lane or 8 lane roads in the heart of the city. They are coming up only in the outskirts. eg: ORR). Roads are NOT world class because, every monsoon, the roads get washed up. After re carpeting the roads, various departments of Government and private telecommunication companies dig them up to lay “cables”. Making the roads very shabby and least motorable. that’s why many people move out to foreign lands for want of good connectivity and infrastructure. (roads and buildings.)

  30. technology says:

    Well written “indian”. I agree and disagree with you on few points. I agree with you that the roads are in bad situation in hyderabad. But i agree that the situation is and will not be same because let me tell you few things which will support my point. Along side the PVR expressway flyover we have 6 lane road and roads are being widened in masab tank , banjara hills areas and also it is already widened from mehdipatnam to gachhibowli. i think situation is changing and by the end of 2008 we wil have world class connectivity too in hyderabad.

  31. K Sevadanam says:

    Sub: Say no to monopoly in democracy
    GMR is virtually dictating terms for the airlines/airport staff and air passengers. GMR can maintain their airport as one among many not as only one for many.
    In a democratic country, dictating the terms, that β€˜I alone and nobody within 150Km’ is a greedy statement. GMR shall not be given monopoly in aviation sector. They have their own failures.
    Twin cities can have both the airports and the passengers/airlines will decide where to go. GMR shall face the competition.
    Let the fate of air travel is not limited to one dictator. Parallel operations always provide healthy operations and enough care to all.

    Thanking You

    Yours sincerely

    K Sevadanam
    Plot :432
    RK Street
    Near Rly Junction

  32. Liju Philip says:

    @Sevadanam, its not GMR who is the culprit. Its the govt who is playing games here. When they signed the contract, they agreed that within 150kms there wont be another airport.

    Now the govt is trying to arm twist the company. Its wrong to not honour your commitments and contracts. Future infrastructure builders will be wary and back off. In the end, the country suffers.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by.

  33. technology says:

    i too personally feel that both the airport should be open and fully operational. because opening one airport and closing the other will not bring any specialiaty to the city.atleast domestic airlines can be diverted to begumpet airport.

    Traffic problems can also be avoided if both the airports are operational because it will be equally distributed instead of all going to one airport. i think it makes sense.

  34. Vernon says:

    Hi all, I’m new to the debate and new to Hyderabad – moved here just after Christmas. I will be able to add to the debate soon though hopefully – I’m booked on LH753 on 16th March, so it will either be the last flight out of Begumpet or the first out of the new airport (no-one seems to be able to tell me with certainty yet!) … Will update when I get back πŸ™‚

  35. Seeking says:

    I read somewhere that the travel agents have not been informed of the formal closure of the Begumpet airport. And this is within less than a week before the formal opening of the new airport.

    I expect to travel to Hyderabad on 16 March and need to know for sure where I will be landing. Can someone on this forum post the latest news re flights into Hyd?


  36. Seeking says:

    So if I have a flight to Hyderabad for 16 March, should I expect to land at the new airport or the old one?

    How good can the management be, if such a simple basic fact can’t be announced?

    Please someone post updates on this page.


  37. Vernon says:

    Hi Tia,

    I’ve just sent off a note to our corporate travel department and to Lufthansa asking them to confirm which airport – the conflicting stories I had (from the airport police at Begumpet last week) were that 1. All flights will go from the new airport from 00:01 of the 16th March and that 2. Lufthansa LH753 at 02:15am on the 16th will be the last flight out of Begumpet. The policeman seemed to have no problem with the doublethink here *lol*

  38. Liju Philip says:

    @ Tech, Vernon, Tia…. have no idea too where the flights will land on the 16th. Hopefully it will be the new airport.

    Maybe you guys can update us your experiences and complaints. Would love to hear from you.

  39. VV says:

    Though the building of a airport is a very good thing to hear,but think about the rise it causes to the pollution levels.

  40. zozoyere says:



  41. Suneel says:

    Hi all,

    I saw a comment stating that all depends on the people who use the airport. Absolutely right!

    I have used both Bangalore and Hyderabad old airports for catching long haul international flights. In Hyderabad i have seen people fighting like cats for trolleys, porters nagging you and charging an exhorbitant fee, airline desk service agents not caring for parents with kids etc etc. I have never seen this in Bangalore. There is something inherent in the culture of Bangalore (a wonderful blend of indian and western culture) that makes your experience a pleasant one. I hope what i saw at the old Hyderabad airport dosent repeat at the new one.

    And someone spoke about Patriotism. But we do need Regional patriotism as well. Some may feel that my argument is not very rational, but i have not noticed one Telugu word or greeting on the GMR site. The BIAL site has a Kannada greeting and Kannada words !

  42. Liju Philip says:

    @VV, any motor vehicle causes pollution. So? Will you walk to your office/school starting tomorrow?

    @Zozoyere, airports are never meant to be in the middle of a city. Only in India such things happen. The roads are all fine. Ignore the media hype. Btw, one can always use trains, buses to travel if one doesnt want to spend time commuting to the airport.

    @Suneel, i regularly travel thru Hyd and i never saw anything that you mentioned. Porters in an airport? Are you speaking of airport or railway station? What has patriotism got to do with an airport? What has Telugu or Kannada got to do with the airport? Its an international airport and English is the language of convenience. Am happy that the hyd airport did not succumb to regional / language chauvinists.

  43. technology says:

    200% i agree with you Liju Philip. what region and language got to do with airport. i have read enough about the shamshabad airport and could make out from many blogs that shamshabad airport is far better than the bglr new airport. What suneel is talking about trolley language regionalism blah blah blah does not matter unless you are getting better facilities in the airport than any other airports. and people should wait till the airport is opened and till some one visits the airport and then you can put your comments. with knowing decided upon something is not good.

  44. VV says:

    Well i don’t say that you are wrong Liju Philip.But this is what people understand as you have.Do you have any idea about the amount of pollution it causes?People are not giving importance to the rising levels of global warming.So please do think the other way i:e what happens to the levels of global warming if we build an airport which is bigger than the older one?
    Fine,we cannot go about our daily work without a vehicle,but we should not raise even more the levels of global warming by building or by doing any sort of work.We should try to control the levels as much as we can.

  45. VV says:

    Global Warming is something like thesword of Damocles on our heads and we need to give attention to it.

  46. Liju Philip says:

    @Technology, yup lets wait for the airport to open and hear and see a few travellers express their views.

    @VV, the biggest polluters are the vehicles on the road. These include buses, trucks, 2, 4 wheelers, trains etc. An airport is essential to the growth of a city/country. Small and congested airports are not the solution. You need to build bigger and efficient airports. Global warming is there. But that doesnt mean that we stop progressing in life.

    We cant forever be stuck with the lousy Begumpet airport that is already choking with the number of passengers who are flying.

    The airline industry is the foremost in the world in using technology to cut emissions. Already airlines in europe are testing bio-fuels. So, wait and watch. Once the technology becomes feasible, it will be adopted here also. We cant stop progress till some solution is found.

  47. VV says:

    Though they are trying to introduce biofuels it does not solve the problem.These bio-fuels contribute to green house emissions which is also a danger.So the only way is to stop the progress to a little extent.What i mean is if you build a bigger airport the air traffic increases compared to the old one,and so does the pollution.So it is better to stick to a small airport to decrease the pollution to some extent.By doing so we are trying to increase the life of this beautiful nature.

  48. Liju Philip says:

    VV, then the only solution is for all of us to start walking to our schools, workplaces etc.

  49. Suneel says:

    Liju, Try taking an international flight at 2 am in the morning and you will realize what i mean by the chaos at the old Hyderabad airport. I guess you are a domestic traveller. The porters charge Rs 500 min to push your trolley to the check-in desk. So i am hoping that the new airport will streamline the chaos and discipline the Junta. Does it have sufficient consideration for disabled and weak as in the west and not charge Rs 500. I think the Rs 500 is because maintenance at old Hyderabad is private. So this may continue at the new airport. I hope that at the new airport these are taken care of by profits from other means.

    And Mr. Liju when you visit Europe, dont you see signposts in both regional and English, be it a country as small as Belgium or Austria. I have travelled to many European countries. It is not about Chauvinism. It boils down to regional identity. When i land in Bangalore, i must feel that i have landed in the capital of Karnataka region.

    And all of you should know that the highly profit making BMTC has bought 40 Volvo AC buses for travel to the new Bangalore airport and 100s of regular buses. So certainly this mass transport is all about being environmentally conscious. So the environmental conscious can take the buses and the time conscious can take the oil guzzling taxis. But of course the Families will need the Taxis.

  50. VV says:

    You can use your transport to workplaces,but we have caused enough pollution till now so we should try to restrict further increase.If we go on doing pro-pollution activities….
    What i mean is we know that we cannot restrict ourself from using our transport,We will find it very difficult to move to places without using our transport.Ok fine,but if we go on increasing the number of vehicles we might find it difficult at later stages to restrict ourselves from using them.We are all ready feeling the effects of global warming,so if we increase the pollution…….Secondly the development is in such a way that we are going to find tougher situations in next 5-7 years.

  51. Liju Philip says:

    @Suneel, i travel international too. I have taken international and domestic flights in the dead of the night from Hyderabad and have never seen anyone charging any money for pushing the trolley. But i do agree that the trolley at the Begumpet airport sucks big time just like in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi.

    The Begumpet airport is serviced by AAI employees, so i dont expect any great service from them. Since the new airport is run private, i expect better service. I still maintain that i dont care if Telugu or any other language is not written on the website. All i care for is a clean, efficient airport. Such language frills are of no use to a traveller like me. If it doesn’t inflate someone’s ego, its their problem.

    You should also know that the new hyderabad airport is running A/C shuttle buses from various points in the city to the airport. The complaining sort and the environmentally conscious sort of people are free to take that public transport. No one is stopping them. If they want to take taxis or drive their own cars are also welcome cos there is a 3000 car parking slot at the new airport.

  52. Liju Philip says:

    @VV, so we stop all forms of development till we find a solution?

  53. VV says:

    No,we should try to decrease.

  54. Liju Philip says:

    What India needs today is more and not less development. Pulling people out of poverty should be India’s mantra now. For that any amount of development should be done.

  55. liyaqat khan says:

    hi guys

    nice to hear hydrabad terminal has started service now i am proud we have new technoligy airport i was awaitng for our new airport to say people we have good airport unfortunatly we have’not sea port if we have sea port then our state would be number one state in india anyway but i am worry sometime if we are bring electronics goods home apliences for our home from abraod our costom officer they will charge or they would be curruptiion stage i dont wana again same hapends there in new airport please i am reuquest to costom officers follow by as our goverment rules dont spoiled the passangers mood when they arrival in our sol i hope they will give us good facility to passengers

  56. VV says:

    So Liju you don’t care for the world??

  57. Liju Philip says:

    i care more for the poor suffering person who has nothing to eat and no roof over the head than the world.

  58. Liju Philip says:

    @Liyaqat, we do have a great seaport in Vizag. Ya, hope the new airport lives up to everyone’s expectations. Let’s wait and watch.

  59. JEHARA says:

    Nice Airport similar to washington airport.
    Only problem is to reach airport from city.Taxi
    drivers should be travel friendly.Public transport with smooth roads are essential.locaI trains will be fine.New airport can
    be used for international travels.Domestic travel
    should be continued at begumpet airport to reduce hardships for regular commuters.

  60. Sangu says:

    I am arriving at new Hyd Airport on Mar16th, Lufthansa LH752 arriving at 12:25 am. I found a link on HIA website for arrivals and depatures schedules. Hope they do a better job than just listing it… anyways- here is the list

  61. Ashraff says:

    Hyderabad is first developing city in airport in india

  62. MOHAMMED ISHAQ says:

    its really to see new airport in hyderabad iam long time waiting for completion of the new airport project really iam very happy and iam working in dubai airport now i like to work in new hyderabad airport

  63. Liju Philip says:

    @Jehara, i havent seen the washington airport. So, cant comment on the comparison. Thanks for dropping by.

    @Sangu, so you would be on the first commercial flight into the new airport. Wow. Do share your experience with us.

    @Ashraff, Amen πŸ™‚

    @Mohd Ishaq, try your luck at their website. Maybe some job will suit your profile. All the best.

  64. Vernon says:

    Good morning everyone – update as promised! Our corporate travel guys have confirmed that LH752 / LH753 WILL be using the new airport on the morning of the 16th March. I have also spoken with Lufthansa Ops who have confirmed the same. We live near to Gachi Bowli, on the right side of town for the new airport, but my driver still reckons we should allow at least 2 hours for the 20-km or so drive. I’ll post back on Sunday from the UK to share the experience (if anyone’s interested)

  65. Liju Philip says:

    @Vernon, thanks a ton. Will be waiting with bated breath to hear your opinions on the whole experience.

  66. technology says:

    A lot has gone into this blog since i last posted my message..One breaking news for everyone.. just now i have heard it in news… sonia gandhi has just few minutes back have officiallly opened the new airport for the world… The new airport has officially started but still there is time for the flights start landing in the new airport. One more news is that there could be delay in the schedule and its not going to start working from 16th March.

    Jehara ashraf Liju good to hear your nice comments.. every hyderabadi will be proud of developments going on in the city…

  67. Liju Philip says:

    @Technology, yup read about the inauguration. Sad, there is some delay in the actual operations to start. Let’s wait to hear from the civil aviation and the airport authorities for the actual date.

    Am keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the updates πŸ™‚

  68. Vernon says:

    Hi, as promised, a brief update following Sunday morning’s flight … not much to say really, it was all in the papers anyway. Pretty farcical at Begumpet where check-in took a lot longer than normal as Lufthansa had already sent all their check-in equipment over to the new airport, so check-in was a case of ticking names off a list and then hand-writing the boarding passes! Off to JFK today for a few days, then Easter in the UK, then a flight out of Heathrow’s new Terminal 5, so it’ll be interesting to see if that opens when it should. Take care all!

  69. Liju Philip says:

    @Vernon, thanks for the update. Much appreciated. Yup, the whole thing has turned into a mess. No one is sure when the new airport will be thrown open to commercial traffic. Some say its 25th march and some are quoting other dates. Its the low cost aircrafts who are playing the games. Anyway hope for the best.

    Happy Easter. Cheers.

  70. What is GHIAl? Can I grow crops there? In all the devolopments you guys forgot about me? I still live in in a hut by the airport! and make $0.50 a day1

  71. Srikanth says:

    GMR a Bangalore based company is cheating us by providing poor quality airport.. They are minting money by imposing UDF(User Development Fees) for next 60 years.. Ultimately the fees will go to the pocket of share holders who sit in swanky offices in Bangalore.. Awake Hyderabadis, stop this nonsense..

  72. Liju Philip says:

    @Farmer, you got the 60,000 crore waiver and are still complaining? I got nothing.

    @Srikanth, you mean GMR is worse than the incompetent, non-performing AAI? GMR is not here to do charity. Its a private company and making profits is its goal. If you want good service, start paying for it.

  73. technology says:

    I personally feel it will take more than one month for the airport to start.

  74. Vernon says:

    @technology – hmmm, that’s my feeling too. I’m coming back in 4 weeks, so maybe I’ll still be on the first flight, just not in the direction I’d originally thought *lol*

  75. boeing says:

    The new Hyderabad International Airport is going to open on the midnight of 22nd March, i.e., at 00:01 hrs on 23rd March.

  76. Liju Philip says:

    @Technology, the airport’s starting this sunday. Whoopie.

    @Vernon, looks like you are pretty lucky. Getting a chance to both experience the T5 of Heathrow as well as the new Hyd airport. Look forward to your review of both the places.

    @Boeing πŸ™‚

  77. Anonymous says:

    c’mmon stop complaining……….
    earlier people complained of overcrowding n now when there’s a good solution you try to find faullts with it …….

  78. rahman says:

    I went once to India,the airport.the customs are sucks.I witnessed some union stikes in airport…hmm

  79. Sanjay says:

    The airport was opened to all flights today. Hope everything goes fine from here…

  80. technology says:

    @philip, yes i am happy that it has started and its rocking man..

  81. riaz hyder says:

    this airport will generate lot of employment being 35kms away from the city and many more aspects beyond.
    the passenger needs convinience,
    i hope it will bring good results
    best of luck

  82. Vernon says:

    Hi all, looks like I’ll be flying back into the new airport on the 13th April then πŸ™‚ … I’m in Chicago today, flew from London yesterday and (for anyone that’s interested) there was a new Singapore Airlines A380 stuck beside the runway there … apparently they’d forgotten to close the hold door and they had to call out a specialist crew to close it because the only person qualified to close it had gone home … bizarre! The other thing I wanted to share (not sure if it’s true but it was in the Times yesterday) … they printed a story about the KLM flight into HYD being diverted to Bangalore because apparently they arrived at Begumpet and hadn’t been told that it had closed – I’m not sure if I believe that, but thought I’d share it with you guys anyway πŸ™‚ … missing the warmth of Hyderabad, there’s snow piled up outside the hotel here in Chicago … brrrrrr!!!

  83. Liju Philip says:

    @Vernon, the A380 that Singapore bought seems to have lots of glitches. Its already been grounded 4 times now. Maybe a few bugs that needs to be fixed. The KLM was another laughable issue. The pilot refused to land at Hyd, then went to Delhi and finally landed at Bombay. No one knows the exact details. No wonder, the people travelling in the flight as well as their relatives waiting to receive them on the ground were fuming.

    I think i will be making a quick trip to Hyd too. So, looking forward to taking some snaps of the place and soak in the atmosphere. Cheers.

  84. Vernon says:

    @lp, I’ll take some pics of T5 too, if anyone’s interested πŸ™‚

  85. Liju Philip says:

    @Vernon, oh yeah the pics would be much appreciated. Do upload it to Flickr / Picasa and share the link with us.

    Btw, saw in BBC headlines in the morning that there was chaos all around as Heathrow T5 started operations. Any updates on that?

  86. Vernon says:

    Hmmm, I didn’t exactly hear “chaos”, but there were a few isolated stories … less than 10 minutes to clear check-in and security but over an hour for some people to retrieve bags, that sort of thing. The other one that I heard (from my Dad in UK) is that there were a few hundred protesters who all stripped off their outer clothing at once to reveal protest T-shirts, but nothing serious. They said they were not protesting the terminal per se, just the 80,000 new flights a year that it represented?!

  87. Vernon says:

    Update that … I spoke to a couple of mates who flew into T5 yesterday, and chaos it is! My wife and kids are flying there next week, so I’ll be able to get a more objective update then

  88. Liju Philip says:

    Vernon, was watching a few videos on the BBC site about British Airways having teething problems. Lots of cancelled flights and non arrival of baggage too. Hope they manage to fix all the bugs.

    Ya, also saw the flash mob who were wearing red T shirts protesting about the airport expansion.

  89. Well wisher says:

    In general, there are about two types of people when asked to share their opinions.

    #1 people who admire things
    #2 people who point out things

    what type are you?

    Why can’t we just stop complaining and admire the developments that we and our other our fellow citizens are experiencing.

  90. Vernon says:

    To Well-Wisher’s comments, this is NOT a complaint, just a question πŸ™‚ … does anyone know how well the road transport side of things is now working in HYD … I am (finally) coming home on the Lufthansa flight on Sunday 13th April, then leaving again a week later – I was wondering if anyone could share experience of how long it takes to get between the new airport and the Kondarpur / Cyber City area? Thanks.

  91. Liju Philip says:

    Vernon, no idea. I have heard that it takes around 1.5 hours from Begumpet to the new airport. Since kondapur/cyber city area means you have to wade thru heavy traffic, am not so sure. What time is your flight.

    Btw, iam going to Hyderabad this wkend. But i would be travelling towards Uppal. Maybe i will put up my experiences before you start ur travel.

  92. Vernon says:

    Hi LP, it’s the middle of the night – so traffic per se won’t be a problem (well no more than it normally is) – I was just interested to know if anyone had had any experience of the new roads around the airport – ah well, we’ll see in a week’s time!

  93. Liju Philip says:

    I reached hyd at 11:30 at night, the immigration was fast, but the baggage reclaim was a bit slow. but overall the roads are pretty good. I reached my home (around 30kms) away in 50 minutes flat at 12 in the night.

    Am sure, your route will also be empty and good. Do update us.

  94. Vernon says:

    @lp (and everyone else) … OK, back in Hyderabad now (for a week) – we had 4 flights this weekend – Dubai to LHR, LHR to Edinburgh, then on to Frankfurt and back to Hyd … so I have a direct comparisom of HYD and LHR T5 … both are new, clean, excellent facilities (with the added bonus that at HYD you are likely to get your own bags back!) … sure, like all major new undertakings they had some teething problems, but this is Progress with a big P!

  95. Liju Philip says:

    @Vernon, welcome back to Hyd. So, you got a taste of both Heathrow’s T5 and new Hyd airport. Lucky you. Btw, is the baggage problem at Heathrow still nagging? I thought i saw some news on BBC saying that things have been sorted out.

  96. Vernon says:

    To be honest, the baggage was absolutely fine at T5, it’s the perception / ongoing joke (for example the checkin lady taking one on the chin and saying “so Sir, four passengers to Edinburgh, and would you like your bags to go via Milan?”, so at least they are taking it well! I think that the main problem there is that all the other airlines are now really angry that BA have decided to postpone the move of the long-haul flights out of T5 for 3 months, which means all the slots at Terminal 4 that were going to be made available to other airlines have now been withdrawn. Ah well, time to leave again on Saturday (only for a week this time) so I’ll find out what departures are like at HYD as well. Cya!

  97. Liju Philip says:

    @Vernon, thanks for the update. Intl departure at the Hyd airport is also pretty fine.

  98. mohammadabdulmatheen says:

    mashalla itna koob surath hai apna airpoart

  99. mohammadabdulmatheen says:

    i proud of my district

  100. AAA Nooruji says:

    Another feather in the cap of the magnificient city Hyderabad ….Hats off to all who helped in achieving this feather

  101. Vernon says:

    Nooruji, I’d agree with that. I’ve now flown out of the new airport 3 times (and in 4 times) and it gets a little better each time. Sure, there are some teething problems still, but the last time we flew back from Thailand 2 days ago the bags were on the carousel before we got there, and we were not held up at immigration at all. Well done to all concerned (now please get the rest of the shops stocked and get the beer into the exec lounge!!)

  102. Liju Philip says:

    Vernon, looks like you are a frequent traveller to Hyd. Btw, which company do you work for in Hyd? Or do you visit for business reasons?

  103. Bharat Choragudi says:

    Hey! Firstly to LP & Vernon, Whatever updates I needed about the New Hyderabad Airport. I got them right here. Didn’t have to look anywhere else. I’m a native of Hyderabad but reside in Bangalore πŸ™‚ I frequently travel between HYD n BLR. Being an aviation enthusiast, I feel both the BIA and the HIA are marvelous examples of the progress in the aviation domain in India. Both seem to be very efficient designs. Who cares for the looks πŸ™‚ I planned to take a round trip once both opened but the Govt. has stalled my plans. I managed to take a sneak peak at the BIA. Went in with my friends, seems good. BIA was needed as the old BLR airport was handling about 7-8 million where it was designed to handle 4. I felt the old HYD airport was better than BLR’s old one. I feel both BIA n HIA are pretty much the same and we can rest our debates on that for now. Let’s see how both compare in terms of Operations πŸ™‚ Connectivity wise both are yet to have smooth connectivity. BIA is doing a better job on that I feel. I can already see 100s of buses meant for the airport with luggage stands (AC n Non-AC) in them plying city routes due to the delay. My family took a Deccan Flight from MAS to HIA.. Horrible experience at HYD. No public transport at all. Arrived at 0200. Reached home near Habsiguda/Uppal at 0530.

    Vernon, you seem to be a very frequent traveler. I would love to be in your place :). T5 & HIA already ticked off your list. WOW!!! I’m praying for BIA to boot up asap!! I’m waiting for the round trip πŸ™‚

    So now you guys have got an on-field reporter giving you updates on the BIA too. Hope my updates are useful.


  104. Vernon says:

    LP – I’ve lived in Hyd since the beginning of the year, but travel every couple of weeks to Europe, Chicago, HK, etc. on business. I work for a bank here (moved from a job in London / Switzerland)

  105. Liju Philip says:

    @Bharat, give the new airports some time. I think it will only get better with time. Actually the approach roads are not as bad as some of the papers made it out to be. Am optimistic that over a period of time, everything’s gonna be fine. Iam quite happy and proud that Hyd airport is a trendsetter in India.

    @Vernon, thanks for the update. Hope you like the city and hope you will settle down here someday πŸ™‚

  106. Vernon says:

    @Bharat – thanks for the update on BIA, sounds good (especially as BA fly there, so it will make a good route to London for me until they start flying from HYD supposedly in October this year).

    @LP, thanks for the vote of confidence, but we won’t be staying here long-term. Probably 2 or 3 years then moving to France so we can be closer to our kids – they are at boarding school in the UK.

  107. Liju Philip says:

    @Vernon, lucky you, your job is taking you places. Cheers.

  108. Bharat Choragudi says:

    @Vernon, BIA scheduled to open on 23rd May 0000Hrs, expect another delay is what insiders say. As usual Thai is mooted to be the first flight out! yes BA runs almost full occupancy most of the days. It’s an early morning flight (Around 6AM i think) so expect quite a lay off period unless they change the schedule at BIA.

  109. Vernon says:

    @bc, I’m in UK this weekend, just booked for my parents onto BA direct LHR – HYD in October. First time they’ve been to India, and they are not regular flyers, so the direct flight will be perfect for them (they live about 20 mins from LHR). I’ve never been to Bangalore – what’s it like compared to Hyderabad (the city mean, not the airport πŸ™‚ )

  110. Bharat Choragudi says:

    @Vernon, That’s great. If i’m not wrong UK-India is one of BA’s most prominent and high traffic routes. Bangalore is a great place. It’s always about 4-6 deg. cooler than Hyd at any given point of time. Lots of greenery and probably the most cosmopolitan city in India. The confluence of cultures not just Indian but European, Asian & American cultures is clearly visible in its malls, restaurants & pubs. The city with a great Civic sense and comradeship, one of the most friendly cities in the country. Again as usual everything has a flip side, Here’s its the lack in rapid growth of infrastructure resulting in congested roads, and devilish auto-rickshaw drivers are a pain. Otherwise a great place.

  111. Bharat Choragudi says:

    Where BLR trumps HYD is the weather, Traffic Sense, Culture and Variety in people you will come across, Greenery and Pubs & Restaurants. HYD trumps BLR in its Traffic and Cost Of Living.

  112. Vernon says:

    @bc, thanks for the update – we’ll come to Bangalore soon (I’m sure that we’ll get a weekend when both my wife and myself are in India at the same time in the next few months!). I’m not sure I agree with your assertion about BA’s most prominent route though – I am in New York in a few weeks’ time, did you know that at one point during the night there are 6 BA 747s in the air all flying JFK to LHR at once!

  113. Bharat Choragudi says:

    @Vernon, Yeah for any European or American International Carrier, The transatlantic route is the most important route. I used to travel on LH between FRA and ORD/PHX. The number of Transatlantic flights from FRA were overwhelming. Apart from that as far as my knowledge goes, the Kangaroo Route (Europe-SIN/KLIA-AUS) is the next and now the subcontinent is emerging as another prominent long-haul. International carriers have begun fighting for space on this route and thats great for the Indian skies, isn’t it? Coming to your trip to Bangalore, trust me apart from the traffic, you’ll love Bangalore. By the way latest on BIA: 0001 Hrs on 23rd March has been confirmed finally. We aviation enthusiasts are glad that the new airport is finally opening. Hope it goes smooth. The old airport (HAL) will shut down for now.

  114. Bharat Choragudi says:

    Just 30 min after the announcement the govt announced a 1 day delay in the opening of BIA. Apparently its because the Police forces which are busy with the 3rd phase of election in the northern part of Karnataka will not be able to commute to BIA within a few hours. The election commission hints at further delay. Let’s pray!

  115. Vernon says:

    @bc, praying seems a good idea all round at the moment – I am currently making arrangements to bring a colleague and his family to Hyderabad to live, they are at the moment living in Johannesburg and he’s been telling me about the violence there these past few days. It is a terrible situation there!

  116. Bharat Choragudi says:

    @Vernon, Violence in Jo’burg? Painful. Difficult to predict when we will learn and live peacefully. Well 30 Min from the “soft-opening” as they call it. (What a coincidence that a soft-opening has to happen in the software hub of Asia if not the world!) All seems fine. Bus and cab connectivity seems in place. I checked Volvo’s and ordinary buses with “BIA T05” plying on the roads. Finally looks like dream come true for Bangaloreans. Dreaming since 1994. Am I jumping the gun??

  117. Vernon says:

    Well, it’s been running (as far as I know) since last Friday … did you jump the gun? πŸ™‚

  118. Bharat Choragudi says:

    1st Report on the brand new Bangalore International Airport; Sorry for the delay was stuck with examinations. Teething problems as usual, especially lack of ground crew and bottle necks at the luggage delivery points and distance between aerobridges. The airport is already pretty full. Travel time is between an hour to 2 hours in peak traffic. Bus services (Volvos) are perfect and most preferred. Cab services are smooth. Long queues at check-in counters still an issue but will be sorted out. Reports a couple of weeks back said that the ATC systems keep crashing once in a while. I guess that’s sorted out. The problems are slowly being washed away. The Immigration area is too small and congested. It has been stated that the firms (Siemens/L &T/Zurich Airport Consortium) have come up with a small and extensively money saving venture. Lots of dissatisfaction from the airlines’ sides. Aerobridge use charged at Rs.20000/- per hour which is a first anywhere in the world. If all goes well I shall be travelling to DXB and Cairo and would be coming to HYD in the last week of June. Will give the ground realities then. How is the HYD airport doing?

  119. Liju Philip says:

    The hyd airport looks good. Have travelled thru it once. Am scheduled for another visit next month. And thank God, the complaints are not even a % of what happened for the Blr airport.

    Looking at the various forums, seems like everyone’s going hammer and tongs at the BLR airport.

  120. Vernon says:

    Hi all, that’s me back in HYD again – 15 trips in and out of the new airport now, and I’ve pretty much forgotten what Begumpet was like! Still seems to be going very well – we flew in from LHR via DXB on Monday morning and although immigration was fast (10+ desks open) the bags were still on the carousel befre we got there, and we were probably 2nd or 3rd off the plane. Shame that they seem to like kicking my suitcase somewhere between the plane and the carousel though – each time I arrive here there are more dents in it, and it only seems to happen at the HYD end of each journey. Ah well πŸ™‚

  121. Bharat Choragudi says:

    Vernon, That seems to be the problem at many AAI handled Indian airport, casual labour. But things are improving elsewhere, HYD seems to be lagging behind now. Didn’t know a private ground handling crew would do this. HIA must be intimated or else you could try putting the Fragile label on all of your luggage πŸ™‚

  122. Liju Philip says:

    @Vernon, Wow, 15 times already. I will be in Hyd next month again. My first trip was just 11 days into inaguration. Lets see how the airport is now 4 months into operation

    Thank God Hyd didnt turn out to be like the new Blr airport. The Blr airport sucks big time. They just got a bigger cowshed than what they had earlier. The complaints and mis-management seems to be never ending. The Swiss have royally taken Blr for a ride. At least Hyd has the best airport in India as of today.

    As for ur luggage being kicked, why dont u lodge a complaint at the airport or at their website? On my previous trip, i found the people at the airport very helpful and co-operative.

  123. Bharat Choragudi says:

    Hey! I’m in Hyd πŸ™‚ Decided not to fly down but to use a Karnataka State Transport Volvo. Very comfortable journey (11 Hrs) and costed Rs. 600/- Fortunately the buses passes on same road as both HYD and BLR airports. BLR airport is almost double the distance of the HYD airport. In peak hour traffic took us an hour from the city centre (Defn. not bad) Now i don’t know when i’ll be able to experience the new HIA. BIA has got mixed reviews. But from frequent flyers they say it’s small but good.

  124. Bharat Choragudi says:

    The distance mentioned above was for the BLR airport. A stark difference were the connectivities for the airports. 80% of the road to BIA is 6-lane and smooth. To HIA I did find 2 lane and 4 lane connectivity :(. What about this PVN expressway?

  125. krishna says:

    hyderabad airport ios very good thanks to the workesr and engineer and all i proud of my country

  126. fizzah says:

    dis airport iz jusssst ammmmazing…….
    when i reached her i got everything…(my family), when i left …., i thought my memoriez r just stuck dere on airport……
    a beautiful spot…..Luvit!

  127. Anonymous says:

    hyderabad airport is very beautiful than banglore airport

  128. Tim says:

    This airport looks quite like Tan Son Nhat In’tll Airport (SGN) in Vietnam!

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