US$ 10 billion, 126 fighter planes

The world’s 4th largest air force, The Indian Air force has finally put up the Request for Proposal for 126 multi role combat aircraft. The deal is worth an estimated Rs.42,000 crores (US$ 10 billion).


A Sukhoi-30MKI of No.20 Squadron armed with five R-77 Adder and six R-73E Training missiles (Bharat Rakshak)

In the race to bag the prestigious order are these 6 vendors

MIG-35(RAC MiG) – Russia
JAS-39 (Gripen) – Sweeden
Dassault Rafale – France
F-16 Falcon (Lockheed Martin) – USA
Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet – USA
Eurofighter Typhoon – Made by a consortium of British, German, Spanish and Italian firms



  1. dinsan says:

    and yea they will feed 1 lakh people per month .. don’t they ? … I wont believe if you say no.. coz its been many years and many many billions that we are spending on those stuff.. and if they wont feed our people.. you must be kidding aren’t you ??????????

  2. Liju Philip says:

    Its so very easy to have such a simplistic argument. A country needs to defend itself against its enemies. We not only need to progress economically, but also need to be strong militarily or else we will be simply steamrolled.

    With neighbors like Pakistan, China, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, you need to be on your toes all the time. All these things about being able to feed a million people are all hogwash when you consider that all these countries are simply waiting for you to let your guard down before mounting an attack.

    Some things in life are not to be compared. A piece of cloth is enough to hide your modesty. Then why do you spend 1000 bucks on a Levis jeans or a Mango top or an Arrow shirt? You may as well donate that money to a hungry person. Why do you need a 30 lakhs rupees apartment when all you need is a tent over your head.

    Things are not so simple my dear. Your argument is the kind of world the United Nations desires. But truth is otherwise. The world is a ruthless place and only the strong willed survive.

  3. dinsan says:

    economics call it dead money (?) .. ( I forgot the actual term ) .. there is nothing productive thats comes out of it….

    its not about “India”‘s expenditure on defense.. the whole world has gone crazy….. actually has been made crazy by the crooked arm business mafia..

    You meet a soldier with an ak 47.. take off his gun, take of his ammunitions.. and uniform.. isn’t he a human being ? just like you ? behind all the guns and tanks.. its another human being.. not your enemy..

    its not a a simplistic argument.. its more broad and its tough for us .. to accept..

    Yes I agree..spending 1000 bucks on a Levis jeans is too much… and I dare to compare.. I am spending a lot… and try to compare it with a single arm deal.. the %%% matters.. a normal pants may cost 300 and I spent 700 extra…. 1 billion can make a real difference in the lives of poorest in India… ( oh my god.. please forget corruption for few seconds ) … and how many billions do they spent out.. to buy keep and show off… and you feel secured… take of the weapons from both the sides… and isn’t it more safer ???

    I know I am not going to change the world.. but if I start thinking like this today.. along with a few others… something will change in another 100 years.. I hope

  4. saeed says:

    > With neighbors like Pakistan, China, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, you need to be on your toes all the time.

    Well, if you’re paranoid, then all the arms in the world will not be enough. Burma as threat to India? Come on…seriously. With the exception of China, which really would have no benefit in attacking India, the other countries are no threat at all militarily. Sure, Pakistan has “da bomb”, but so does India.

    The end result is already a done deal. The money will go to the US — either the Hornet or the Falcon. This is not a military purchases, but a quid pro quo arrangement for the US agreeing to provide nuclear technology to India. There’s no way this money will go to Sweden, Europe, France or last and least Russia!

  5. G. Chai says:

    USA is numero uno in defense spending. In fact, the next twenty top spenders combined don’t spend as much as the USA. Who is she afraid of? At least India has to worry about Pakistan and China, if not the other neighbors. I am not surprised that India is spending so much to bolster its air force.

  6. Liju Philip says:


    With China around, any country is a threat to India. Do you really think, without China, Pakistan is of any threat to India? Every missile of its, every nuclear bomb and everything of Pakistan’s economy is courtesy China. Pakistan simply paints the original Chinese name of the weapon with one fancy muslim name. The only investment is in the paint.

    With China directly investing in Burma heavily, do you really think that China wouldn’t like to prop it up as a needle in India’s backside? Its China’s doctrine not to have another power to challenge it in Asia. That’s another reason why it keeps whipping up anti-Japanese feelings among its population even 60 years after the incident.

    Look at the stupid Beggardesh (Bangladesh) whose creation and daily sustenance is courtesy Indian largesse, doesnt mind sending in terrorist into India (the recent bombings in Hyd have been linked back to Huji in Bangladesh).

    I dont care if the whole deal of 126 fighters goes to USA. It is technologically the best country in the world. Period. If you can get a better deal, we can talk. Or else, it just sounds like another commie talk. So what its a ‘you scratch my back, i scratch yours’ between the USA and India. Given a chance, we rather deal with USA than believe China or for that matter Pakistan who have no qualms stabbing you in the back.

  7. saeed says:

    Military strategies aside, your use of the term “Beggardesh” is incredibly offensive. It clearly shows a lack of maturity in your ability to discuss these issues. Sorry to have wasted my time.

  8. Liju Philip says:


    Offensive? And what Bangladesh and Pakistan do inside India is honourable? You mean they deserve to go to heaven for their deeds.

    But sorry, i don’t mince words after seeing my people being blown up to pieces just because some bastard believes that he is entitled to 72 virgins for doing this deed.

    Thanks for dropping by. I still Hope to see you around.

  9. saeed says:


    I have neither said nor implied anything about what “they” deserve or what “he” is entitled to. Please don’t assume or imply things that I have not said.

    Regardless of what anyone has done, your use of the word “Beggardesh” is offensive.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right!

    Your categorization of an entire nation by using that term does little to advance any dialog or position, least of all your own.

    And in these blogs, civil dialog between disparate and possibly distant participants is not only possible, but is a key objective.

    Don’t let the actions of others cause you to lower yourself, even a bit, closer to their levels.

    As Gandhi said:

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

  10. Liju Philip says:

    Iam not Gandhi. Nor do i aspire to be one. I find killing of people for some stupid reason more offensive than some name-calling.

    Anyway, this blog is an expression of my thoughts. Not for me to get into a dialog.

  11. saeed says:

    > Anyway, this blog is an expression of my thoughts. Not for me to get into a dialog.

    Then turn off the comments, and don’t write things like “I still Hope to see you around.”

    You write:

    >I find killing of people for some stupid reason more offensive than some name-calling.

    Is killing people by bombing them with fighter jets any better?

    What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?
    Mahatma Gandhi,

  12. Liju Philip says:

    You are entitled to ur opinions just as iam to mine. So, let me decide what to do on my blog and what to enable and what not to.

    “Is killing people by bombing them with fighter jets any better?”

    Things would have been worse if there was no fear that they would have been wiped out in case of a war with India. The fighter jets/nuclear bombs serve that purpose. To instil fear in the heart of your enemies that they wont go unpunished in case of any misadventure.

    Gandhi was crap. Given a chance, he would have handed over India on a platter to Pakistan or China by now. He might have been a great human being. But, i don’t agree with most of his sayings. So, for me his sayings/teachings don’t matter.

  13. sherin neauman says:

    its a good thing that we are strengthening our defense force with new weapons and technology, a country must take care about its safety, but is it necessary that we still need more weapons to defense? our economical progress is simply draining to other countries through this way, the situation is getting worse, the food problem and inflation are going out of control, remember one thing that India has a dignity that she never conquered any country yet now, and i think it is the only one.

  14. mr shivji says:

    my friend from hindi belt plz. remeber that i have livedin pakistan it is mostly the hindu nationalists of BJP type who r oppresing tamils kashmiris etc but inpakistan chinai do not find this national idelaogy of opprsining entire nations under the abnner of hindi nationalism.

  15. mr ramji says:

    it is not good to compare yr silly thoughts to ghandis idealism becuse war is not prodctive to peacful coexistence even kashmir can be soted out with pakistan/kashmiri people and i like gandghji over nehru and others desire to create wars in pakistan etc.

  16. pq says:

    anyone who thinks indian defence spending is a waste of money should read a bit of indian history. India’s wealth has always attracted murderers, barbarians and savages from central asia and europe, until 1947 , when we kicked the last of them out.

    what attracted those marauders? let me give just one example. until the kimberley deposits were discovered in south africa all the world’s diamonds came from india.

    after a 1000 years of looting indians were poor as church mice. after 60 years of hard work and much sacrifice india is begining to accumulate some wealth once more. at the same time the barbarians are getting hungry again.

    yes , thousands could be fed with what india spends on armaments. how would chaps like dinsan like to see one billion indians hungry and under the boots of forein impirialists?

  17. bharath says:

    the amount that india is spending may look large,but when we compare with what amount of the gdp of india is spent of defence is far less than cina .the opprtunity cost of not spending is very high.i feel india should improve research and technology so that we can make our weapons on our own

  18. pq says:

    india should not buy these planes from usa, unless the iaf wants to run to usa every time it needs a screw, a nut or a bolt. in usa everything is designed and manufactured according to the old and discardrd british imperial sustem. the pound, the foot, the gallon etc.

    usa is a technologically backward country that has mulishly refused to adopt the metric system, which has been abandoned by all countries that once used it.

  19. Sajal says:

    It’s the demand of time to became powerfull presently money not alone enough to serve this motto we need arms because when will be war gone happen the only arms work. I strongly belive in having powerfull rather than to lose my nation and one more thing wait for 100years more for peace is to make dead all Indians.

  20. Hasan says:

    Liju, Shame on you. You should know that: we Bangladeshis are buying from you. These are not any kinds of donation. You are seller and we are consumers.
    And you said Beggerdesh which shows that how mean minded you are.
    One more thing: your country also has terrorist. And terrorists are not from a single country. We hate them too. Our Govt. is trying to solve this problem. And all you Indians know that, Bangladesh is a moderate Muslim and developing country. We are not any kind s of threat to any nation. So your that kind of comment is not acceptable.
    Salam to Saeed bhai who tried to protest Liju`s bad comment. He really does not know manner.

  21. Parvez says:

    Hi ,sajal ,Saeed, Hasan, see the whole discussion about one term “Beggerdash” really shows that this type of things are mean minded,Being an Indian Isays Sorry on the behalf of Liju . Bangladesh is our freind no doubt .What it had achieved since 1971 it is unbelievable .Ours Country was the centre and focus of Britishers and what they had visioned they had fulfilled their vission .I Only want to say that Its the matter of three family India ,Pakistan and Bangladesh
    I really felt ashamed when Isaw this type of offensive Dialogue between two family .
    Liju you are very exprienced it shows in your using of word you just try to write some fictional novel instead of playing with words .it will be better you also say sorry to all the bangladeshi’s.
    Think Positive ,Be Positive,Think For A better world and Be Happy .

  22. sm says:

    I want to join up to fly fighter jets. How do I do it?

  23. Vahab bin Razack says:

    I want more detailes of Indian Air Force
    Iam ready to die for my india

  24. Dilip says:

    Hi All my Patriotic friends,

    Dear Indians and also Bangladeshis. Firstly I am happy to see F-16 in our defence team. Its a very advanced fighter craft. May be many of you know this but please check the details of it.

    It can take off from any ground even it can fly in a space for many minutes without noise its like a dream Aircraft for a pilot.

    I was thinking about having atleast 50 Aircrafts for IAF. Now its done, so i will say welldone.

    As well as we want advanced rifles for our soldiers. I have studied and I will suggest in practice the “Mavrick M4A1” rifle made in USa for general troops. And for Upper troops leader “Bullpup” is better bcos it has attached Binocular. Every soldier must have atleast one pistol and three magazines at a time for the rifle. Speed Magazine reload compititions must be needed for better performance.

    There should be a ready to use clear strategy for reaction over enemy attcak.

    1. Destroy all the known, doubtable enemy Nuclear labs/Stores/territory without any hesitation.

    2. Destroy all the Air bases with best weapons/missiles.

    3. Enter the cities (enemy) and take over the government by Army with using best weapons (Tanks, light artilery vehicles).

    4. Take over all the attack weapons, armors, aircrafts, tanks even the rifles and pistols with all the magazines as police do with criminals.

    5. Only death penalty for the soldiers who killed any citizen or soldiers of our country. Minimum penalty for enemy President and PM. should be whole life in jail. Death penalty is essential if they given any statement to destroy or kill the Indian citizens.

    6. The enemy country must not be remain with the same name and policy. For example: if Pak in this case then after India Win, it must be change of name, flag, and declared as secular country. A rule must be attached that Pak will can’t have their own army or any defence system. India will always make defence for them. If any country will attack Pak it means they attacked india. As USA did with JAPAN after WW II.

    This will help to provide a chapter for other attackers.

  25. swati says:

    i am a B.D.S. graduate. i want to be part of indian airforce. may i fulfill my dream.

  26. sam nutcracker says:


    I can bluntly say, like many a millions who know about the truth, and felt through every bone of their
    bodies the, that Liju’s comments were so much accurate, and truly unbiased that, any educational
    course in History won’t dare to differ from his points!
    Yes, we must understand that, to emphasize on certain strong points and unfortunately such kind of
    strong wordings come very naturally.

    Bravo my dear Laju!

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