The propaganda machine strikes again

Looks like the “Malabar” naval excercise going on in the Bay of Bengal between India, Australia, USA, Japan and Singapore has not gone down well with the Chinese. After lodging a formal complaint with the Indian embassy, it is now toning up the rhetoric. The latest is the Chinese propaganda machine “The Global Times” newspaper article stating…

India has invisible budget for defence

Beijing, Sept. 4: Observing that the Indian Army is the “most active” in Asia, a leading official Chinese newspaper has alleged that New Delhi makes use of an “invisible military budget” for key weapons acquisitions. The top weaponry is purchased through “invisible military budget,” the Global Times, a sister publication of the ruling Communist Party of China’s official mouthpiece, the People’s Daily, said in a special report on the Indian armed forces.

“The Indian Army is undoubtedly the most active armed force in Asia today, allegedly stationing forces in Tajikistan, establishing surveillance stations in Africa, sending aircraft carriers to Bay of Bengal for exercise, etc. “Indian Army makes it to the military news every day yet the world knows little.”

Heh, a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Every information about defence purchase of India is in the public domain. Every deal has to go through hundreds of evaluations, and is ripped apart in every known media in India and abroad before it actually materializes. This is unlike what happens in China where the top communist leaders decide and the deal is executed. No questions asked. Anyway, India never objected to all the purchases/investment in military that China does. Then, why this cribbing? Something burning???

Above news courtesy: Deccan Chronicle