USS Trenton is now INS Jalashva

The Indian Navy has bought over USS Trenton from the United States for $48.44 million. The ship has been renamed, the INS Jalashva (river horse, or hippopotamus) and was kept at Norfolk Naval Base for refitting until May 2007. Six UH-3 Sea King maritime utility transport helicopters will be operated from the ship.


The ship likely to be based at Visakhapatnam under the Eastern Naval Command. The ship was commissioned into the Indian Navy on 22 June 2007 at the Naval Station Norfolk, in United States. The ship was commissioned by Indian Ambassador to the United States Shri Ronan Sen. This is the first and only transfer of Naval ship from the United States to India.

Update: In the heat and din raised by the Malabar exercises in the Bay of Bengal, no one noticed that the INS Jalashwa has reached the Indian shores on September 10. Some respite from the commie dogs.



  1. Prax says:

    cool – us testing indias defence waters

  2. Liju Philip says:


    Yup, once the nuclear deal is done and dusted, such deals are only going to increase. In fact, US wanted to sell India another ship, but India has declined it for the time being.

  3. M. K. George says:

    I don’t understand why India brought such a old ship.

  4. Liju Philip says:

    Its old. But at less than 50 million, its a steal. Also its got almost 10 more years of service left after the refurbishing.

    Admiral Gorshkov (INS Vikramaditya)that Russia was supposed to sell to us is further delayed. These might be stop gap measures. Also US is testing the Indian waters. Its estimated that India is planning to buy almost USD 40 billion worth of arms in the next 10 years. And that’s a huge market.

  5. Ed says:

    I spent from October, 2006 through May, 2007 working with the Indian Navy and the INS Jalashva (ex-USS Trenton LPD-14). The ship required SOME work, particularly in the engineering spaces, but between U.S. contractors and Indian Navy engineers all the problems were corrected. By the time the Jalashva left Norfolk, it was a very seaworthy ship. They also took 6 Sea King UH-3 helos. I am looking forward to working with the Indian Navy when they return for the USS Nashville LPD-13 sometime in the future. Yes, the ships ARE old, but U.S. ships last longer, take more of a beating and remain in a seaworthy and battle ready condition better than any other navy’s in the world. A senior officer of another country’s navy expressed that sentiment to me several years ago when they were getting four of our Fast Frigates. He said his country preferred an old U.S. fighting ship to a new one out of a German shipyard.

  6. Liju Philip says:

    Ed, thanks for the first hand review. Quite interesting.

  7. Ben says:

    I was stationed aboard the USS Trenton (LPD-14) as an Operations Specialist and even though I am no longer in the Navy, I was able to make it back to the decommissioning ceremony at the beginning of this year. What an honor and privilege that was and the ceremony was significant because it marks the first time in US History that one of our ships was decommissioned out of our Navy and immediately commissioned into India’s. As I spent several years onboard Trenton and called her “home”, it was a total love/hate relationship. Now when I reminisce back to the days onboard I can’t help but smile and think WOW, what an experience! Truly one of a lifetime. There truly in my opinion will never be “No Greater Gator” and I am the man I am today because of the Navy and the USS Trenton.

    While I was disheartened to see “my” ship sold to India, I can honestly say that the Indian sailors I met and conversed with during the banquet after the ceremony are who/what left the biggest impression on me. Everyone was polite and the Indian crew was so organized. To them I say this… Take care of my ship, follow our slogan of “Press On”, and I know she’ll be in good hands. They are a dynamic crew and will take care of her. Oh…one more thing, Trenton could easily serve (if taken care of properly) for another 30 years. Trust me, that steel is structurally sound and this I can personally attest to as I used to have to strip it down to bare metal, prime, and repaint it.

    Fair winds and Following Seas,

    OS3 Long, Benjamin
    USS Trenton (LPD-14)

  8. santosh kotla says:

    well good to hear positive comments on indian navy personnel.when will america offer india los nageles class submarines.

  9. Chris says:

    Is India still interested in the Nashville?

  10. Deb says:

    Dear Ed, Ben

    I must say the Jalashwa is a mighty fine ship… i was on board with you when we commissioned her… my aquaintance with the last US crew of the Trenton are memorable as also with the people of the yard who helped us refit her. Rest assured..this mighty fine ship still has LOTSA STEAM left in her… for freedom and liberty of all.

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