Taare Zameen Par – Promo

Taare Zameen Par

Omg…Omg…Aamir Khan is back. The first promo of the Aamir Khan directed and produced “Taare Zameen Par” (stars on the earth) is out. This is the 2nd movie under the Aamir Khan Productions banner after the Oscar nominated “Lagaan“.

aah…these are the little things that make life beautiful.



  1. dinsan says:

    omg!!!!!! Amir in to directing ?? cant believe that I missed such a big news ! .. thanks for posting it 😉

  2. Maryam says:

    Looks like a bundle of crap to me …… 🙂

  3. sheman says:

    the trailer looks awesome

  4. idlidosa says:

    high time for some kids movies in ‘bollywood’

  5. Liju Philip says:

    true, high time they tapped the kid’s audience.

  6. bollywoodphotos says:

    very nice creation it seems me, and its songs are simply great..

  7. He is seems me an all rounder who can direct the films also as well as the Producer, actor … 🙂
    Perhaps he has enough brain to execute so many things simultaneously.

  8. taare zameen par… should be a hit as all aamir khan flicks.

  9. Abhilasha says:

    Taare Zameen Par…Excellent direction, superb camera work and an amazing performance by Darsheel Safary.
    And Aamir…hmm…hmmm….well Aamir is “the” badshah of bollywood…and there is no deny that!!!

    Way to go Aamir!

  10. Niki Yan says:

    Taare Zameen Par”— A hopeful drama, the most beautiful movie I have
    ever seen, is a MUST-see, everyone on this Planet MUST see this film, I
    mean everyone…….
    It’s beyond language to describe this film….This film is going to
    change the world….& this film is going to change your life! We don’t
    need Hollywood mindless flicks….we need a Film like this, so our life
    can be better, & our planet can be MORE beautiful…
    I can’t think of any movie on this planet which can make a
    difference…It does NOT matter what kind of FILM you like, YOU MUST
    SEE this one….I alway saw it 10 times! & I want to see it MORE…but
    I am IN LA, today is the last day…I wish I could see more…
    I walked on the street the last few days just to encourage people to
    see this FILM…people are Unhappy, people are living in the dark,
    people are LOST, people are programmed, People are living inside the
    box, people are living in fear, so when can we have TRUE Freedom??
    well, after this film…..you will be FREE, you will find YOUR purpose,
    You WILL NOT have fear…..
    ALmost Three hours long movie, but I thought it was too short…I was
    excited…deeply touched…tears coming out from my SOUL…I saw LIGHT,
    I SAW LOVE, I SAW HOPE, I saw myself……why do we have to live in the
    prison of Life? why do we have to do what other people told us to do?
    why can’t we Be FREE? Well, follow your heart, You will Find the answer
    This MOvie is about LOVE, DREAM & HOPE. It’s about being yourself. It’s
    about being FREE, it’s about living your life in the most valuable way.
    It’s about the TRUTH that everyone MUST learn.
    It’s spiritual. It’s moving & touching. It’s about this boy’s journey
    from the dark to the SUN. I cried when I saw it. Not because of
    sadness, but being touched , & moved from the deepest of my heart.
    Anyone can relate. We all have a dream. We all have a way to see the
    world, and a way to live our life. And that is so special. Sometime we
    forget it because our heart is covered with dust, now you can truly
    find out WHO you are after you see the movie. You can truly understand
    what you are all about. It will enlighten your soul, and change your
    LIFE from inside & out.
    I watched it for 10 times, It enlightened my heart, & changed the way I
    see my life and the world. I feel happy, grateful & absolutely
    wonderful after I saw it. This is a fantastic movie, I must tell you. I
    recommend it to everyone, no matter you are a kid or a parent, or just
    an adult, it’s for ALL AGES. You won’t regret it. It’s the MOST
    beautiful movie I have ever seen.
    Everyone….as long as YOU are a Human, you MUST SEE this film….it
    TELLS you who YOU ARE: Yes, you are LOVE, & you are SO LOVED….You are
    infinite, & You ARE THE ANGEL, and You have the FULL-potential, and
    yes, You ARE FREE! Take a deep breath…yes, heaven is On earth,
    welcome Home my friends.

  11. Nitika says:

    Niki Yan has very aptly put the movie in words…..the film has a heart, it touches you deep inside and sets you free 🙂

  12. Nitika says:

    I have a question though… there is 1 bad comment, and 10 good ones…then why is the caption so rude as to say ‘load of crap from an idle brain’ ? I dont believe the movie deserves this.

  13. Liju Philip says:

    Dear Nitika, “load of crap from an idle brain” is the caption of this blog. Its got nothing to do with the movie.

  14. Dhaval Patel says:

    I really liked this movie, and i hope parents who give extra educational stress learn to their children learn from this movie. I would say my life was same as the child in the movie but now i am good. Aamir Khan did a great job making this movie and showed what’s real in life insread of making the movie action or a lovestory. I hope this movie becomes a hit. Good Luck Aamir.

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