Why Global Warming is “a load of Bull****”

global warming

Its surely not as exaggerated as what Al Gore wants us to believe. Am sure Al Gore with his writing skills would find some good job in Bollywood/Hollywood.

Gore told the world in his Academy Award-winning movie to expect 20-foot sea-level rises over this century. He ignores the findings of his Nobel co-winners, who conclude that sea levels will rise between only a half-foot and two feet over this century, with their best expectation being about one foot. That’s similar to what the world experienced over the past 150 years.

Likewise, Gore agonizes over the accelerated melting of ice in Greenland and what it means for the planet, but overlooks the IPCC’s conclusion that, if sustained, the current rate of melting would add just 3 inches to the sea-level rise by the end of the century. Gore also takes no notice of research showing that Greenland’s temperatures were higher in 1941 than they are today.

Read the full article by Bjorn Lomborg here.

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  1. supriya says:

    I cant believe you are still a non-believer. Do me a favor, read the TIME issue on global warming. its published may be around end of Sept-2007 or early October. The arctic ice caps melted so drastically this year that it opened a new channel for shipping industry to connect NY to Japan.

  2. Liju Philip says:

    I have read that article. No one is denying that the earth is hotting up. But there is nothing scientific till now to suggest that the growth of temperature is anything different from what we have been experiencing the past century.

    Surely the 20 feet tall waves according to Al Gore is plain bull. He seems to like hollywood disaster movies a lot 😉

  3. Liju –
    Your loose cannon statements appear to be straight out of bollywood, too. I saw Inconvenient Truth. Did you? Mr. Gore suggests that – if an ice sheet on the surface of a large land mass such as Greenland melts & slides into the sea – then a 20 foot sea rise is possible.
    What stood out to me in that movie is that Al Gore’s life style contributes significantly to global warming.
    I agree with Bjorn Lamborg that the IPCC strongly deserved the Nobel Peace Price.

  4. Cliff says:

    You’re an idiot.

  5. rambodoc says:

    You are right. Greenland temperatures have been higher in the past than the present range.
    The entire global warming religion is washing out everything. The real scientists are not being heard… after all, the money is in the alarmism, not in saying that things are fine.
    Another thing that points to a hidden (now overt) agenda in academia is that Gore gets a Peace Prize for a book and a movie that have come to creation less than seven years (one year for the movie, I think). It is absurd, if you think of how long Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela worked before they were even considered for it. Humor me, what? Twenty-five years? Thirty??

  6. Demonweed says:

    I don’t believe it is fair (or polite) to call Liju Philip an idiot. The Boston Globe piece was credible and mostly correct. I do believe the 20-foot sea level rise was taken out of context. However, some of the criticism was valid. The key thing to keep in mind in all of this is atmospheric carbon — the only reason the IPCC hedges with that “90% likelihood” of human industry as the chief cause of this warming trend is because of resistance from an intransigent group of political appointees dedicated to prejudicial skepticism. Pure empiricism supports the following . . .

    –Human activities have added dramatically increased carbon input to the atmosphere.

    –These carbon emissions are largely gases known to augment the atmospheric greenhouse effect.

    –Carbon dioxide levels have elevated dramatically since the rise of human industry.

    –A strikingly parallel warming trend is both a predictable outcome of this CO2 increase and actually confirmed by temperature surveys.

    Hopefully, most of the people here are able to look at the science rather than spin crazy theories about a sinister liberal conspiracy to bilk institutions out of awards and grants. On the other hand, if someone other than our host sticks to such a view, it would seem there is an entirely appropriate context for use of the term “idiot.”

  7. Liju Philip says:

    Ahh…Cliff, you sound like a headless chicken. Just wrote a word and ran off ?

    Still, i wont delete your comment. Let the world see the kind of moron that you are.

  8. joe fitzpatrick says:

    i like the idea of global warming as i think it will be fun and exciting to experience the end of civilisation so we should speed it up so i see the worlds end in my lifetime

  9. UniformTurtle says:

    The idea of believing a US president about .. well anything is amazing, there always full of crap 😛

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. doudou says:

    All of you so called, BELIEVERS… read the TIME mag issue from 30 years ago… scientists were creating the same fuss, but about GLOBAL COOLING… they even suggested melting down the glaciers! Luckily, the rest of lunatics didn’t have the means to spread their “wisdom”

  12. Demonweed says:

    Thank you for sharing that profoundly misleading dittohead talking point. I’m sure everyone is much gratified to know how skillfully you can serve as a sock puppet for hyperpartisan hacks. Of course the fact that one magazine published one article (which no doubt you yourself did not read, as it was hardly an ironclad assertion of widespread scientific support for hard empirical findings) justifies ignoring that there actually is widespread scientific support for hard empirical findings related to ongoing global warming.

    Bravo on your keen sense of what is real and what is politically-motivated nonsense. For your next trick, why don’t you tell us that in six more months the Iraqi people will be ready to give our troops that much-belated flowers and candy promised by the same pundits whose lead you follow on this issue.

  13. anonymous says:

    gloabal warming is a whole load of shit! how can you explain the ice age melting 7000 years ago. was there cars 7000 years ago… no! the earth has been getting hotter and colder ever since the begining.

  14. Demonweed says:

    That’s about as sensible as arguing that Al Qaeda didn’t attack the World Trade Center, because we know that buildings have been falling down since long before that group ever existed. If you’re going to express yourself to the world, show that world and yourself some respect by trying not to be transparently foolish.

  15. Flyboss says:

    Yea, sure global warming. Spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat to if ya believe that.

  16. It'dbegun says:

    It has started and all you who don’t tihink it is coming well your wrong it will happen.. just drastic changes.

  17. It'dbegun says:

    It has started and all you who don’t tihink it is coming well your wrong it will happen.. just drastic changes.

  18. TC says:

    i agree that global warming DOES exist. why else are the polarbears starving 2 death???

  19. Cooper says:

    Polar bears don’t eat ICE & besides since the 70s polar bear populations have been on the rise, while I’m at it does anyone know why green landwas called greenland in the 1st place??? because it was a GREEN land about a 1000 year ago it was colonized by Norse, it had relatively mild climate that allowed for farming and growing of crops, than around 600 years ago there was a period in medieval times called the little ice age (look it up it existed) and we ended up with Greenland (covered in ice that is) as we know it today. That is FACT, and here’s another one the biggest contributers of the so called green house gas CO2 are people & animals mainly through breathing, so if people and animals have been around for how many millions of years now why has it only been recently that global warming has started you can’t possible tell me a few million cars and factories could out of the blue change the climate, when there has be CO2 emmissions on a large scale from people and animals for time immemorial. Besides is a basically CO2 is a plant food it helps plants grow and is absorbed and turned back into oxygen, have any of you global warming supporters ever heard of a process called photosynthesis??? Finally to end my rant IF & I must stress IF! There really was “global warming” then people like Al Gore should probably say nothing, everyone knows politicians are just full of hot air :), when ever mass media says something is fact question it!Do your own research, and make up your own mind only a fool wouldn’t.

  20. MR~Knowlage says:

    basically, its a load of crap, the earth naturally hots up and cool’s down its a known fact and has happened since the begining of the earth, and this thing about the ice caps melting and raising sea levels 20ft its a load of crap because ice is already 7/10’sdisplaced in water therefore your only getting 3/10s into the water

  21. cujo reese says:

    CO2 makes plants grow better. it is even used in commercial greenhouses. CO2 emissions are a great way to heal the rainforest. I let my truck idle for 20 minutes everyday just for this reason…well, also to warm it up or cool it down so I can drive in comfort. I know fuel is expensive but if we all do our part to incease atmospheric CO2 we can leave our grandchildren a greener, lusher and more enjoyable planet…..Amen

  22. MR~Knowlage says:

    well said 😀

  23. becca owne neill! says:

    i recently graduated from my college with national diploma in construction and i realy dont care about global warmin although its not really affecting the uk when its abuot 14 degrees here

  24. Hello says:

    I thought Greenland was named Greenland and Iceland named Iceland because the Vikings wanted people to migrate to Greenland because it was actually frozen and keep Iceland (not frozen over) to themselves. I don’t have any scholarly articles to back this point up, but I was told it by a history teacher (haha). And no one is denying that humans and animals release carbon dioxide during respiration, and no one is denying that plants uptake CO2 during photosynthesis. At the same time there are hundreds of gigatons of carbon stored in the ground and in the seas that has probably been there since the beginning of the world. But what hasn’t been around for that long is the introduction of man-made greenhouse gases. Factories and cars have been around for no more than two centuries and since then they have pumped out many gigatons of carbon. Of course, comparatively this amount is minute when contrasted with the total carbon in the whole carbon cycle, but if an old man has been using a fork to eat for 2 billion years and then you told him to use chopsticks, do you think it would be easy for him? Maybe, but maybe not. Likewise, it’s questionable whether or not the introduction of the comparatively small amount of human produced CO2 is really making that big of difference to the whole ecosystem. Even if I’m a skeptic of global warming, I’m still pro-environment. I don’t see the point is ruining the world for all the other species on the planet just to fulfill our own greedy consumerist needs. In the next couple hundred years (I’m guessing) before we blow ourselves to bits, I’m just hoping that by the time it gets to that point, Earth will still be livable for all the other non-human animals who are probably better off without us.

  25. Will Withers says:


    R u serious?

    you need to stfu and think about your kids, and their future kids, and your kids’ kids’ kids. do you think they’ll have the same opportunities as us? BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU, THEY WON’T.

    “Nobel Prize Winners”….whoopdy doo…. thats all politics. how do you think Gore even made it? OH YEAH….

    Stop spreading ignorance before you infect the rest of the uneducated with your nonsense. i dont think Gore is totally right with everything he says, BUT THE STATISTCS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, politics or not. you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that.

    Remember back to Hurricane Rita? that storm CREATED A NEW CATEGORY OF HURRICANES. Category 6. yea. “We’ve never seen a storm this strong before.” does that phrase ring a bell?

    I dont care if the water rises 20 feet or 1/20th of an inch, ITS STILL RISING YOU IMBECILE!! that means THE ICECAPS ARE MELTING and thats a direct effect of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. and anyone who says that there isnt holes in the atmosphere should talk to my dermatologist. im 21yrs old, wear SPF 50 and ive had 3 run-ins with skin cancer already

    Look at New Orleans. In a couple of years, the whole friggin place is gonna become the Lake of Orleans, and we’re gonna be scuba diving down burbon st rather than staring at boobs on marti gras

    Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but remember


    im not trying to save the planet, im tryin to stay alive.

    Plant a tree today, breathe better tomorrow

    Peace and Prosperity to you, and i hope that one day you’ll see exactly whats happening the world outside your computer screen

  26. Will Withers says:

    FYI aussie, i was raised in jakarta indonesia. ive been to australia, plenty. perth, brisbane, christmas island, sydeny, u name it. i actually liked it over there.

    all americans are gay? y dont u come over here and say that? especially to texas. you wouldnt last 15 mins around here, ud end up gutted like a fish in some ditch.

    people dont like me? stfw. my friends give their lives for my freedom to say “shove it”

    so yea. its called college. you should go. i learn alot, like how to discern between censorship and truth, value and responsibility. FACTS AND PROPAGANDA

    do everyone a favor, pull your head outta the ground and absorb the world

  27. A random reader... says:

    You are really ignorant_even if what Al Gore says is a bunch of bull whatever outcome he predicted is still going to happen. All those beautiful landscapes are going to be destroyed… not that you care. No more fresh nice & clean oxygen for you to breathe, no clean water to drink yadi yadi yahhh… but you don’t really seem to care… I’m just saying you don’t gotta believe Al Gore but I’m still a teen & have my whole life ahead of me.. do me the favor of doing your part.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Do you so called patriotic skeptics know what caused a disaster in our country? Global warming. If not for global warming, hurricane Katrina would have been a catagory 1 hurricane where the levy would hold… but the warm waters caused by global warming heated it up and made it more intense. We’ve had twice as many hurricanes this year than last year. Even in South America where they though hurricanes couldn’t hit got hit by a hurricane.

    For people who think that this change in global temp is part of the Earth’s natural cycle, the global temp has been more than twice as high as it has ever been in 650,000 years. Before that we don’t have the tech to check. The fish population will also lower… There will be 3:1 male fish to female fish soon, which will obviously cause the species to lower. In some areas such as off the coast of South Africa, this one species is predicted to be 98% male.

  29. unim says:

    someone mentioned greenland being named so because it was green. That is wrong. Greenland and Iceland are opposites, and were named so in order to throw off invaders. Nobody would want to take over a place called Iceland.

  30. unim says:

    even if global warming is a hoax, what is the problem with trying to lower emissions? Keeping pollution down and reducing the amount of gases in the atmosphere couldn’t hurt. There is no harm in trying to make the world a healthier place.

  31. joe says:

    Man can make no difference to global warming or cooling. Man’s contributions of CO2 are minute compared to ocean stored CO2 which is released as temperature increases. CO2 is good for plants., plants give back O2. Total global CO2 volume follows temperature change, which is being caused by something else. Why do idiots keep saying CO2 is causing global warming. If global warming is something totally out of man’s control, then people like AL Gore are liars, people following AL Gore’s preachings are stupid idiots. All this liar ( Al Gore) wants is for people to buy carbon credits from him, once his lie is legalised. Stupid idiots want to suck Al’s balls, go ahead, but do not expect me to do the same.

  32. harry shaw says:

    i was on a sit thet sed
    MYTH: Global warming is just part of a natural cycle. The Arctic has warmed up in the past.
    FACT: The global warming we are experiencing is not natural. People are causing it.

    haw do they no????

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