The world shows the ‘middle finger’ to China

dalai lama

The Dalai Lama visiting Steve Irwin’s family in Australia

First it was Australia, then Germany and now the USA. Each and every country is looking at the Chinese protest against hosting the Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama as nothing but a case of a ‘barking dog’. Now, the US has even presented the Dalai Lama with a medal.

To protest, China has hijacked US websites like MSN, Google and Yahoo and diverted its traffic to its homegrown search portal Baidu. Why does China always behave like a small kid in a store whose mother refuses to buy him candy? No matter what the economic growth, China will never behave like a responsible global power. That’s its nature. The ruling communist government will keep raking up nationalistic feelings to justify its existence and to deny the people of China any form of democratic government. That’s the only way the commies can retain their hold on power.

Its exactly why China has such a hostile attitude towards India. Because India gave refuge to the Dalai Lama and his people when Tibet was encroached upon and the local tibeteans persecuted. Its just the double standards of the world community that refuses to see the truth that one of the biggest genocide in the modern era continues in Tibet. China has killed more than a million tibeteans to impose its rule in Tibet. And, look at what the world is barking at? Myanmar, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea.

The world’s worst violator of human rights is none other than China. And the world has no problems doing business with it. No wonder the priorities of the world is so fucked up.



  1. The world’s worst violator of human rights is none other than China. And the world has no problems doing business with it. No wonder the priorities of the world is so fucked up.

    Spot on.
    When Saddam invaded Kuwait, and the world rose to protest, and Americans went in with guns blazing, there was a cartoon in a leading UK daily that showing Tibetans desperately digging for oil.
    It etched out the cruel reality about Tibetans.
    They do not have OIL, so west do not want to know them; nor is their a Buddhist Ummah to have foreigners fighting for them.

  2. mumbaikar says:

    Well said. However, it is most likely that all clothes worn by the people in the picture — other than his holiness — were made in China. China has become a net creditor to the world and right now the world is not looking to pay more for kid’s toys — with or without the lead paint 🙂

  3. lazybug says:

    Business dictates international politics, and in case of America, even more so. Bloody commies in China know this!

  4. Liju Philip says:

    Its money power that counts these days. People have just become statistics. Sad.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i think all of you are writing bullshit….
    go read up on history of china before you say anything…
    if you don’t know, don’t act as if you know…

  6. Once again, in the world, we see a country behaving according to its whims and fancies, highly reminiscent of Germany in the early part first of the previous century, bringing to mind the latin phrase ‘quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’ or ‘Who will watch the watchmen’ as it relentlessly pursues its interests in Taiwan, Tibet and now also , India
    It is also disheartening to see that the rest of the world is bent on looking the other way, while China does what it wants to do.

    Truly ‘Might is Right’ at least in this case.

    Exactly what I wanted to say, nice work.

  7. kate says:

    hi umm u r cool i guess

  8. kate says:

    no u r not cool achuly

  9. Simplytaty says:

    One thing to do to really help things. Stop buying products from China and put your principles where your mouth is. It’s the only way to affect change. Through their pockets.

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