The Pakistan Political Cirucs continues…

Faced with certain censure and with the prospect of the Supreme Court of Pakistan asking him to step down, Pervez Musharraf behaved just like any other true blue dictator would. Impose emergency on the country.

pervez musharraf

I have always believed that there is no scope for democracy in Pakistan. No matter Nawaz Sharif or Benazir Bhutto or for that matter any Tom, Dick or Harry wins elections in Pakistan and takes power, the Army will never sit silent.

The Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), the spy agency of Pakistan is a rouge organisation. Its as culpable for terrorism in the whole of South Asia and formenting trouble in Kashmir and the rest of India as Saudi Arabia is in the rest of the world. The officers of ISI run clandestine support and funding of the Taliban and other terrorist organisations in the North West Frontier of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir etc.

pakistan emergency

A democratic government is a sure impediment in their plans of having an iron grip hold on the Pakistani society and its economy. Its no secret that the years that Musharraf has been in power, it has been consolidation time for the Pakistani Army and ISI in general. Today, there is no aspect of Pakistani economy that is not under the stranglehold of the ISI and army. Telecom, ports, real estate, infrastructure, banks, finance etc are all headed by retired army servicemen. A measure of Musharraf wanting to keep the various power centres in the army happy with plush postings.
To shift public attention away from the muck raising at home, the ISI would try to forment trouble on the India – Pak border. Pakistan, like China is a country that can never be trusted. The only thing India can do is to be on guard.



  1. lazybug says:

    Our esteemed neighbourhood is unenviable. Pakistan, Nepal, China and Myanmar!

  2. Liju Philip says:

    True man. I wish God never grants such neighbours even to our enemies 😉

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