India’s military purchase continues

India and Russia have signed an agreement to jointly develop the 5th generation stealth fighter aircraft with equal financial and technological stakes. Overall development cost of the Sukhoi T-50 is in the region of US$ 10 billion.

sukhoi t-50

An artist’s rendering of the Sukhoi T-50 fifth generation fighter aircraft

India will lease a nuclear powered Akula-II attack submarine from Russia from mid-2008 onwards under a hush-hush Rs 2600 crore (US$ 650 million) deal.

akula-II submarine

The Akula-II class attack submarine

Then, of course, India will be acquiring another 40 Sukhoi-30MKIs to add to the 190 already contracted, 347 more T-90S to add to the 310 such main-battle tanks already inducted, and 80 more Mi-17 medium-lift utility and assault helicopters from Russia. The deal does not include 230 Sukhoi-30MKI fighters India is going to acquire from Russia at an overall cost of over $8.5 billion.


2 SU-30K Flankers, 2 F-15 Eagles and 2 Mirage 2000 flying in formation

The 44,570-tonne aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov (below), was initially supposed to join Indian Navy by August 2008 as per the $1.5 billion package deal signed with Russia in January 2004. But India will not be getting the carrier, already rechristened INS Vikramaditya, anytime before 2010. The package deal, incidentally, includes 16 MiG-29K ‘Fulcrum’ supersonic fighters and a mix of Ka-31 and Ka-28 helicopters to operate from the carrier’s deck.

admiral gorshkov

News source: TimesofIndia



  1. mumbaikar says:

    how practical are these purchases?

    India and China will not be allowed to have a war. That would just choke the whole world’s supply of lead tainted toys and BPO.

    Do we need 300+ planes to take on Pakistan? Any level of direct supremacy over Pakistan, would be mean that the country will start the indirect “terrorist” route.

    I wish India spends this money on alternative energy and education and infrastructure.

  2. Liju Philip says:

    Agreed, these purchases are of no use to the common man who is more concerned about his/her daily bread.

    As soon as Pakistan went nuclear, the parity with India has been established. Now, no matter how many weapons that India has, Pak will always have the N-Bomb. And that does balance off everything.

    Anyway, in the future, conventional wars will never be fought. Any war will be quick, smart and deadly. Even though India and China are too much entrenched in the global market to even fight against each other, one can never trust the Chinese. You may as well trust a snake.

    Btw, i believe its silly to underestimate the benefits of the defence industry to the economy. They also employ millions directly and indirectly.

  3. lazybug says:

    Check this out by Fredrick Bastiat (found via Indiauncut):

    Check the second heading.

  4. Liju Philip says:

    Akhil, thanks for the link.

  5. Binil says:

    India really needs to update the infantry equipment. i think it is bit out of data

  6. faheem says:

    Every country needs to be powerful enough to defend it self from its enemies. But if its through the way we are doing right now, we will face a down fall today or tommorow.

    I think we should fund our education system. Fund the research and bring out the best from some of the best brains in the world, instead of letting them go somewhere else.

    We always cry that the cream of India is going abroad. Can we find any IIT or REC being funded for any purpose either by public or private sector. If No they why.

    Have we ever wounder why we dont fund our education system for advance research in this fields?

    Think what if we didnt had N-missiles. we would buy that also to protect ourselves. But for how long we can keep on buying from other.

    We can be independent and we should be.

  7. Viper says:

    Your picture description is VERY wrong.
    Those are 2 SU-27 (back) flying with 2 F-15 (middle) and 2 Mirage 2000 (front).

    May want to check your facts in future 🙂

  8. Liju Philip says:

    @Viper, thanks for pointing it out. Changes done 🙂

  9. Godamn says:

    Well, the day you guys get up close and personal with a Su-30 MKI, I think you will change your mind about investing all our money in roti, kapda, makan. I mean, those are the coolest bloody planes. Wish I could have flown in one. And have you seen the performance stats on them? Man, what I wouldnt give for one of those babies. Nothing can impress the chicks quite like a Su-30 MKI! Ofcourse, with the cost of petrol, Id soon join the masses of my fellow & feline(Hey, Im not a sexist- and I couldnt think of the word for a female fellow) countrymen & women searching for roti, kapda, makan 😉
    Id still like to have 1 though. Anyone know of a good monthly instalment plan for them, spread over a million years or so?

  10. pq says:

    there are many websites on indian defence. i would like to see a serious website that details india’s military equipment purchase on a monthly-updated basis. what equipmt is india buying, what is being delivered, what is on order and when are they expected, how much is all this costing? details on a non-partisan apolitical basis. and please, would you change your web title

  11. ravi raj says:

    100 solger ko training dene se aacha hai ki 10 ko aisa traning do ki wo 200 ke braber ho

  12. Daisuke says:

    Gangavaram, Yarada & Kaialasagiri are the 3 jewels in Vizag, which is the crown of AP. Kailasagiri has been deyesortd by commercialisation, Yarada hill, with the multistoreyed NAVAL buildings & Gangavaram by the port. Any person who visited these spots 10 years back will not forget them for the rest of his life.Atleast we should thank Directors like Mr. Balachander, because of whom we will be able to see these spots in the movies of yesteryears. Vizag has been robbed & raped in the name of development. If it was in any mature country where people have thinking heads, they wouldn’t have sacrificed the precious natural resources for so called mechanised development. All of us will have to suffer for the foolish decisions of some of us. A very expensive price we’re paying for our democracy.The present state of our beautiful Vizag, just pains me in the heart.

  13. Shubiia says:

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