Top 4 Indian billionaires worth US$ 180 billion

lakshmi mittal

Four richest Indians are worth an astonishing $180 billion. Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal is No. 1 again, worth $51 billion, but Reliance Industries’ Mukesh Ambani is rapidly closing the gap. His net worth jumped $30.5 billion to $49 billion, making him the year’s biggest gainer, moving up from rank 56 to rank 14 in 2007.

Anil Ambani wasn’t far behind and also saw his net worth increasing $30.2 billion to $45 billion. Anil moved up from rank 104 last year to rank 18 in 2007.

mukesh and anil ambani

Kushal Pal Singh, worth $35 billion after the listing of DLF, is now the world’s richest real estate developer. Ten new people made it to the list of India’s top billionaires in the Forbes list of the World’s Richest People in 2007.

kp singh

This includes trader Gautam Adani, who built Mundra Port, Anand Jain, Mukesh Ambani’s school buddy; and Gautam Thapar, whose Ballarpur Industries is India’s largest paper maker.

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  1. mumbaikar says:

    Top four Indian are worth more that top 40 Chinese. $ vs Rupee fluctuations have contributed more to this difference as well as to the absolute rise in terms of $ based net worth.

  2. Ramesh Natarajan says:

    Mittal has not contributed in a great way to India, yet. I am not very proud of him, other than praising him for his Leadership and Entrepreneur skills.

    Ambani’s are quite agressive with their business plans, it is indirectly helping Indian economy to growth with lot of employment opportunities.

    KP Singh is very ambitious too with DLF, however, they are targetting the premium sector.

    Anyway, we cannot expect High Networth Individuals to take social responsibility beyond some point. The cannot resolve all the issues in our society..


  3. Liju Philip says:

    Lakshmi Mittal is investing close to 40,000 crores (approx USD 10 billion) in Orissa/Jharkhand to set up green field steel plants.

    Yup, its true that this will be his first ever investment in India. But do remember that in spite of all his riches, he still holds on to the Indian passport. When any country would lick his boots and give him citizenship if he wanted, looking at his wealth.

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