BJP bana mamoo

BJP became a mamoo for the zillionth time in its political career. No matter what the Karnataka CM, B S Yeddyurappa says, the truth is that BJP was hankering for power. Else, when Deve Gowda’s Janata Dal-S refused to transfer the power, they should have gone to the people and insisted on elections.

But then, the lure of power is so strong that BJP has proved that no matter what it says, its as corrupt, as morally hollow as any other political party in India.

As for Deve Gowda. Well, he is probably the worst person ever to do business with. Considering the flip-flops he does, i wonder if his wife and kids believe him.

Btw, Janata Dal-Secular’s only achievement in their 2.5 years in power? Changing the name of Bangalore to Bengalooru. WTF.

Full story of the Karnataka political drama here.



  1. lazybug says:

    There’s every chance that they’ll come back together, again!

  2. Liju Philip says:

    Well, the Indian political scene is quite unpredictable. Today’s enemies are tomorrow’s bed partners 😉

    There are no permanent enemies in politics.

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