Pakistani nukes in American hands?

Just as expected, or as rumoured, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are already under American control. Surely the US cant sit aside and fiddle its thumbs as Pakistani politics goes for a roller coaster ride.

Years ago, there were rumours that in case of Musharraf being killed by the extremists or the jehadis taking over the country, there would be a 3 pronged attack by Israel, USA and India on Pakistan and the USA would either decamp with the nuclear weapons or take control of the nuclear facilities and the weapons.

But according to latest reports, it seems the USA has already had its way…

In a stunning disclosure certain to stir up things in Washington’s (and in Islamabad and New Delhi’s) strategic community, the journal Stratfor reported on Monday that the “United States delivered a very clear ultimatum to Musharraf in the wake of 9/11: Unless Pakistan allowed US forces to take control of Pakistani nuclear facilities, the United States would be left with no choice but to destroy those facilities, possibly with India’s help.”

“This was a fait accompli that Musharraf, for credibility reasons, had every reason to cover up and pretend never happened, and Washington was fully willing to keep things quiet,” the journal, which is widely read among the intelligence community, said.

The Stratfor commentary came in response to an earlier New York Times story that reported that the Bush administration had spent around $100 million to help Pakistan safeguard its nuclear weapons, but left it unclear if Washington has a handle on the arsenal.

“As the government of Pakistan totters, we must face a fact: the United States simply could not stand by as a nuclear-armed Pakistan descended into the abyss,” proposed Frederick Kagan and Michael O’Hanlon, analysts at two Washington DC think-tanks. “One possible plan would be a Special Forces operation with the limited goal of preventing Pakistan’s nuclear materials and warheads from getting into the wrong hands.”

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  1. lazybug says:

    Good thing! Mushy ke haath pair baandh ke rakh diye!

    BTW, correct the title of the post.

  2. Moin Ansari says:

    Your information is flawed and incorrect

    This would have caused a revolution in Pakistan the likes of which the world has never seen.

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