The devil removes his uniform

A superb article by B Raman in Rediff on the aftermath of Musharraf’s resigning from the post of Army General to become the President of Pakistan.

Shortly after Zia took over as the chief, the Shah of Iran visited Pakistan. While introducing Zia to the Shah, the flamboyant Bhutto was reported to have remarked: ‘Meet my new Army chief. He is totally loyal to me. If I ask him to stand, he will stand. If I ask him to sit, he will sit. If I ask him to salute, he will salute. With him as the chief, the Army is in safe hands.’ Zia gave Bhutto one of his sheepish grins and saluted him. In 1977, he overthrew Bhutto and sent him to the gallows in 1979.

Too much of reliance on the Mullahs and the Military has screwed up Pakistan. Today, the Pakistani army surrenders itself to the Taliban in the north west frontier without a fight, instigates terrorism in Kashmir and Afghanistan, kicks out elected Prime Ministers from and grabs power under the guise of giving them freedom from a corrupt government. And, to top it all, you have the ISI, the rogue secret services agency of Pakistan. The one that shelters the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and in fact some of the worst terrorists in the world. And look who sleeps with them? The United States.

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