Very Very Special Laxman

After being forced to follow on, VVS Laxman played the match of his life hitting 281 against a mighty Aussie attack (Warne, McGrath, Gillespie) at the Salt Lake Stadium at Kolkata. For only the 3rd time in history, a team forced to follow-on (India) went on to win the test match and equal the series.

If you thought the above innings was a fluke, watch this 178, Laxman hit against the Aussies at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Fluent, wristy strokes.

VVS Laxman has been the perennial thorn in the flesh for the Aussies. India would be relying on him when they visit Australia this month. I will be watching the Boxing day test match between the two teams. Am sure, it will be worth every penny.



  1. JB says:

    Laxman only ever performs against the Australians. His knock of 281 turned not only the match, but ended the Australian’s 16 test winning streak. Hopefully he doesn’t do it again as the Australians have won 14 tests in a row and hope to beat Steve Waughs record.

  2. Liju Philip says:

    Ya, there is something about Laxman and Australia. Seems he relishes their bowling 🙂

  3. Reinhold says:

    I think you spoke for all supporters of Indian cerkcit. Everyone knows that DRS does not improve the quality of umpiring or correct decisions as it is not fool proof and also there is a restriction i.e. if you get two reviews wrong it doesn’t matter if subsequent decisions are still wrong and that defeats the very purpose of DRS!! Hot spot was supposed to be more fool proof among all the technologies used but the Poms are crying foul because they couldn’t get VVS out the genuine way. Nasir Husain is one of the worst commentators ( I can even listen to Shaz but not Nasir) he is blatantly biased, illogical and bereft of ideas. Couldn’t agree more when you mention VVS, SRT and RD no other team has such role models and full of honesty and integrity.

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