1. the move your body is sung by him?

  2. Liju Philip says:

    The lady in the song “Move your body” is Hard Kaur and the male singer is Shankar Mahadevan,

  3. SADAF says:


  4. mr cool says:

    hardkaur is a spliff burner she bangs satnam all the time back in the days


    hey she is best female rapper in whole india
    i like her

  6. rachita says:

    she rocks……she is awesome……all my best wishes for you dear

  7. Anonymous says:

    watching hard kaur and her career is hilarious.
    u think hard kaur is the best female asian rapper?
    maybe thats bcoz she is the only one india knows of.
    wait til you see the next asian female rapper from britain…she featured as the hottest rapper onHard Kaur’s ‘Girls out’ track on the Supawoman album – and has been recording her own material. Her name is Lost Souljah – she is indian, british born, with indian/west indian culture, with her parents brought up in trinidad and guyana – she is HOT AS HELL. HK couldn’t resist calling on this artist to feature on her new album.
    I guess Hard Kaur is having trouble maintaining balance in bollywood with her rapper persona – it is great india is now having to deal with her – but im sure Hard Kaur will find problems in India as she is not a decent role model for the indian women.
    Lost Souljah, is Indian in blood, cultured with West Indian and born in Britain. Souljah is the one to look out for – her rich culture means she can step over lines and boudaries and be daring whilst at the same time not actually insulting any1 or any culture unlike the famous Hard Kaur. At least HK ‘made it’ b4 30years old.
    Just about….if you wanna call it ‘made it’ that is.

  8. RabbitRex says:

    Hard Kaur makes me puke. What a horrible voice.

  9. ILLIAT says:

    yeah hard kaur sounds like a man! and its embarrassing to ask sum1 have you heard of her – coz most times peopel think you talking about porn!

  10. killtolive says:

    dude…u think hard kaur’s voice is horrible…i wud rly lk 2 listen u sing someday…btw Lost Souljah is jst another female rapper in town bt hard kaur is speacial…she’s diff. n thts y losers lk u r jealous f her…n ya d guy who spoke of porn, m damn sure thts wht goes on in ur mind all day lng…thts d reason u relate 2 it…n ya…frgot 2 say HARD KAUR ROCKS!!!!

  11. PD says:

    ok lets be honest, in the uk hard kaur is a joke thats why she HAD to make it india because theres no love for her here, shes been trying to be taken seriously as a rapper for 15 years now. and as a uk born indian it is so sad to think that india accepts this joke as a representative of uk females. shes well known as a slag around Birmingham, i live locally and mr cool, you’re right, satname is just ONE of the guys that has banged her. I’ve seen her out of her mind on chitta and drink in clubs and all over the first guy that gives her attention. she is an attention whore and as near enough a 40 year old woman (yes, she lies about her age but come on, who ACTUALLY believes shes in her late 20’s???) she should know better by now.

  12. vin says:

    hey leave her alone, if she lies she screws, she no loner do kirtans, she drinks, she made it in Uk or not thats her prob why bother…. She rocks man!!!! her voice is unique….she rocked india during the filmfare… she made it then!!!!

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