Billa – 2007

In 1978, Amitabh Bachchan acted in Don. In 1980, Rajnikant remade it as Billa in Tamil.
Shahrukh Khan remade the original Don in 2006 as Don-The chase begins again. And now, Ajit comes with Billa-2007 in Tamil.

Is there such a dearth of quality scripts out there that they are remaking remakes? Well, the trailer at least looks slick. Ajit is supposed to be one actor whose movies open the best in Tamil after Rajnikant.



  1. rootsonwings says:

    Remakes one way shows development as well. Let’s take an example of two dons. Way of making movie has changed over the time.
    Plus to that it also helps them to take most out of the old movie and work on certain parts. Further more specially the new directors approaches this way in which they can exhibit theirness. Take an example of Bhanshali’s Devdas.
    I see good prospect of new and better scripts implemented in bollywood soon as hollywood and foreign investors are showing their interest.

    My knock knok

  2. lazybug says:

    After watching the trailer of Billa I concluded that, Rajnikanth remade Amitabh’s Don and Ajith has remade SRK’s Don. The similarities are so striking.

  3. Liju Philip says:

    Rootsonwings, thanks for dropping by. Ya, i dont mind remakes once. But remakes of remakes is something that i can’t understand.

    Akhil, even this new Billa is supposed to be majorly shot in Malaysia. And notice the blue tint. Looks very familiar to the new Don.

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