Blogging Break

Am flying off to Hyderabad tomorrow. Will be back in Singapore on 6th January. I will be totally off blogging during this period, unless i can find some time and a good internet connection. In fact, i want to be totally off the net and see if i still have any withdrawal symptoms as i used to experience before.

christmas wishes

Have a few errands to run on my trip, but would also like to meet up with anyone in Hyderabad. Do drop me a mail at full2njoy(at)gmail if interested, and lets hope to catch up. I would love to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your loved ones

Eid Mubarak aka Bakrid aka Hari Raya Haji

Merry Christmas

A fabulous New Year – 2008

christmas tree

May the new year bring loads of investments to India. May millions of jobs be created. May millions of families break the shackles of poverty. May the stock market boom. May we all make tons of money in the boom 😉

May God bless India.



  1. dinsan says:

    Happy Holidays !!!!!!!!

  2. aniche says:

    that’s a whole lotta optimism towards the end 🙂
    mayb the stock market shit will work. dunno about the poverty.

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