Its Official…

Iam being repeatedly counseled every day and night on the virtues and the necessities of getting married. Looks like a very well thought out plan. The pressure is being built up with amazing precision and relentlessness.

My parents are asking if i have someone in mind. What do i tell them? That the one who’se in my mind, heart and all over my body doesn’t care for me or doesn’t talk to me anymore?

Why do i have a feeling that after opposing an “arranged marriage” all my life, i might finally succumb to one?

Dunno. As of now, i have asked for time. Lets see.



  1. janamejayan says:

    No harm in getting help!

  2. dinsan says:

    well, try to get in touch with that girl… if not… you must think about an arranged marriage.. or look around.. and try if you have someone around you, who can be a better match for you……..

    Life is not something that you can press the pause button for and wait.. it must go on… so try to remove the old story from there……..

  3. lazybug says:

    arranged-love-marriage 😉

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