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The great guys/gals at Singapore’s Changi airport have done it again. Lodged a complaint about my missing baggage at 9pm on 6th January. At 8am on 7th January, i got a call from the airport that they have found my luggage and will be sending it to my residence between 10am and 1pm.

The baggage is delivered at 9:45am itself. Much before the promised time. Now, that is called efficiency. I sincerely hope the people back home will some day at least reach upto 20% of the service that world class airports like Changi do.

By the looks of all the stickers on the bag, some smart alec in the Chennai airport had put my luggage into a flight destined for Colombo (Sri Lanka). So my bag made a trip from Chennai – Colombo – Singapore. The bag was still sealed, no contents lost. Compare this with my friend’s trip from California to Hyderabad.

He was carrying 2 watches for his parents. Someone nicked the watches and left the boxes intact inside the bag. A perfect example of the fence eating the crop. His trip was California – Taipei – Kuala Lumpur – Hyderabad.



  1. dinsan says:

    great news !!!!!!!!!! congrats buddy !!!

    hmm our airports ? they may send that back to your home in India.. not to you anyway..

  2. Liju Philip says:

    Hey thanks Dinsan. Yup, its a great relief to see all the stuff intact.

    well….our airports. Am hoping for a clean slate from the new hyderabad and bangalore airports at least.

  3. Well, welcome back to blogging…

    This is certainly a great news, lost and found. cool! 🙂

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