Ricky Ponting – The son of God

There’s no way I grounded that ball,” Ponting told a press conference. “If you’re actually questioning my integrity in the game, then you shouldn’t be standing there.” – Ricky Ponting


Integrity, my butt. If Ricky Ponting’s integrity is unquestionable, then iam Jesus Christ.



  1. raydixon says:

    The journalist was accusing Ponting, the Australian cricket captain, of claiming a catch that he ‘knew’ he had grounded. That is an extraordinary accusation of cheating to make, especially as the journalist had no idea of what Ponting believed. It was uncalled for, unprofessional and unnecessary and was one of the key incidents that sparked international reaction. The journalist was ‘out of order’ and Ponting had every right to question his integrity. I’m surprised he didn’t biff him – he deserved it. Sorry, but journalists, be they Indian or Australian (or English cane-wielders like Roebuck), need to know their place.

  2. JB says:


    I understand what you are saying, but the journalist was entilted to ask the question. The question should have been “have you seen the replay?” rather than along the lines of “are you a cheat”!

    At any rate, I don’t understand why everyone here is complaining about the one right decision that was made in the match!

  3. lazybug says:

    I still don’t understand. Ponting grounds the ball but says he did not and then goes on to say that his integrity cannot be questioned. He did what he wanted to do and then defended himself. Why blame the reporter?

    The issue is not about the one right decision at all, JB.

  4. JB says:

    Lazybug, lets talk about this one issue. Which I think has been misunderstood.

    The ball hit the glove and carried to Ponting. Ponting caught it and controlled it, but the ball hit the ground upon landing. I think he thought he controlled it through the air and therefore was a catch. There was an appeal and it was turned down.

    Then at the press confernece he was called a cheat and he responded angrly. He hasn’t commented on it since.

    I think you are reading too much into this. If he was asked by the umpire, did you catch it and he said “Yes”, I would be on your side.

  5. JB says:

    BESIEGED cricket umpire Steve Bucknor has been dumped from the Australia-India Test.

    World Cricket Boss Malcolm Speed said Billy Bowden will replace Steve Bucknor in the current test series.

  6. SH says:

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  7. lazybug says:


    Using the journalists as a defence for Ponting saying “There’s no way I grounded that ball,” is just lame.

    “I think you are reading too much into this. If he was asked by the umpire, did you catch it and he said “Yes”, I would be on your side.”

    Well, except for the Umpire asking him about it, everything else happened. May be he should just come out and accept that he grounded the ball, then.

    And, just to make it clear, the ball did not brush the glove. The TV replays showed that.

  8. arvind says:

    lol.. They have really got attitude problems, they have become way to far too arrogant .the success has gone into their heads..
    but still this is too much…
    Australian team suck ,though they perform well,they suck, No team respects them ..
    and they complain of racial charges… totally ridiculous

  9. arvind says:

    come on Jb..
    he was not called cheat there in the press confrence..
    you better brush up..if you want to know what actually happened i could give you the page where that journalist writes ..he has ablog and he has explained what actually happened..go you want it..

  10. JB says:


    I saw the replay and it clearly brushed the glove. I don’t see how we can disagree on that.


    Agreed the Australians have had far too much success and they have become very arrgogant.

  11. JB says:


    Yes, I would like that link.

  12. JB says:

    I have read it.

    I think we will have to accept that we have differne’t views on that. It was straight after the match and he wouldn’t have seen the replay. If you listen the commentary at the time, one of them said, “I don’t think Ponting realised he grounded that ball”.

  13. arvind says:

    @ i hope they have the big screen in SCG …dont they???
    there’s no way they wouldn’t have shown it…
    and even if he hasn’t there’s some manners to speak to media persons..if it wern’t media, he wouldn’t have been what he is today/.

  14. JB says:


    Arvind, Lazybug and Liju,

    I am off. Thankyou again for the chat. All this posting takes up a lot of time and I think I will keep it to a minimum from now on. Afterall, these are your blogs, not mine! I might do one myself one day and if I do I will make sure to look you up.

    I hope the series continues and you do well. I think India is well placed to win the ODI series (if it happens) so it should be great to watch. Naturally I am hoping that our streak continues. But I also hope that Ponting has learned something from this experience and perhaps the Australian team can show a bit more respect in the future.



  15. Liju Philip says:

    Hey JB, thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your comments too.

    Btw, when your blog is up. Dont forget to send us a link. Would love to read your opinions too.

    Anyway, good news that Bhajji has been cleared to play and Bucknor has been chucked out of the Perth test. Am really looking for ward to the next 2 tests and the one day series. Hope these incidents will fire up the Indians to give a sterling display in the rest of the series.

  16. arvind says:

    @ jb
    nice talking to you too..
    @ liju
    harbhajan has been only a;llowed of playing next test, he isn’t cleared from racist charges yet..

  17. puresunshine says:

    i agree with u! ponting surely must have seen the replay! who the hell is he defending!! he shud be sacked!

  18. Liju Philip says:

    Arvind, i believe the matter will be laid to rest soon and Bhajji will be let off with a warning.

    It seems that the team was very much incensed and it was Tendulkar’s SMS to Sharad Pawar that forced the BCCI to take a hard stand.

  19. Kevin says:

    The ball did hit his glove and ponting caught the ball and had controll of it before he landed on the ground , clearly the batsman should have been out, but wasn’t and ponting got on with the game that is showing sportsmanship wether ponting was right or wrong. He thought he took a catch and the umpire didn’t give it he probably thought the umpire got the desision wrong because he didn’t see the batsman hit the ball, But abouve all ponting took the umpires desion and got on with the game. He did carry on like Sharm and Simmonds desion in the first innings.

    India better be careful they have to play to the same rules, they also showed unsportman like behaviour who carrys two right handed gloves out onto a cricket feild at this level clearly an act to slow play. I am happy with the Australian win and hope they play just as hard in the future.

  20. Doodee says:

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