Cheapest car in the world – TATA Nano

tata nano

Ratan Tata has kept his promise. The world’s cheapest car (US$ 2500), Tata Nano is launched. What will its launch mean for the competition, environment and the traffic situation in general? Well, time will tell. As of now, wait for the second half of the year when the car is set to go into mass production and hit the roads.

tata nano1

Above picture courtesy: Rediff



  1. paul0423 says:

    LoL i can buy this car right now xD

  2. I would probably take 10 and use them as a go carts.

  3. arifth says:

    I like this cute little thing. I mite get one for myself…:D

  4. Still waiting for the 2500 dollar car that runs on recycled garbage

  5. arvind says:

    it does look good and promising but i am wondering why the car is so cheap ..

  6. mbjesq says:

    The “people’s car” is a wonderful example of India’s mid-20st Century mindset and its squandered chance at 21st Century development. My short essay on this can be read at


  7. VictorVictor says:

    Detroit (and Japan) this is your wake up call. People all over the world are tired of the ever increasing price and size of today’s exisiting models. If Detroit/Japan does not work 24/7 to produce a competor car at a competitive price, it will be taking another step downward in its market share. This trend will end with Detroit (at least) and Japan (at most) going out of business.

  8. Vineet Kumar says:

    This car provides an option to those who just want to experience the Car Drive and best place will be the college parking…

  9. Hi,
    The topic you have chosen Is really amazing and I am reading your posts since long …but this is really something exceptional . I like the way you are writing … Its really awesome ..I hope to see some new more and encouraging posts from you .
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  10. lilazngrl says:

    wonder how safe it is… o_o

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