New Year Updates…

The new year has indeed bought some pleasent surprises for me.

* Got a nice salary raise. It was totally unexpected. Had an appraisal in December just before my India trip. But was not expecting much cos every time my expectations had bought me nothing but disappointment. This one indeed exceeded my wildest expectations. So, if you see me smiling, you know the reason.

* Got my annual greetings from the 2 kids that i sponsor in Delhi through Deepalaya. Their grades are quite good and both of them are doing pretty well not only in studies but also attending school regularly. I feel like a proud parent now. Just wish the kids continue their education and make their parents proud and grow up to be responsible citizens.

* I had an unusual request for an interview from a Pakistani website “PakSpectator“. I confirmed with them that Iam not a Pakistani. Still, they wanted to interview me among a whole lot of other bloggers. I agreed. Have replied back to them with the answers to their interview questions. Will post a link here as and when the interview is posted on the website.

* With so many good news, its normal that some problems are not far away. Am having a nagging lower back pain that refuses to go away. It all started with a lot of zipping around on my friend’s scooter on my Hyderabad trip. I wake up with a stiff back these days and as the day goes by, the pain and the stiffness goes away. Even after some heavy dosage of painkillers, the pain refuses to go. So, i have decided to let my body heal itself and stopped medication.

This weekend, i plan to start going back to gym and do some stretching and exercises to strengthen my back and abs. Hopefully, it will give some respite to the nagging back pain. If nothing works, i might go in for a session of Accupuncture.

Meanwhile, 3 cheers to Anil Kumble for a jumbo performance as usual. 600 wickets and going strong. India is indeed on a strong wicket at the end of the 2nd day of the match. Hope they wont make a hash of it.

anil kumble

Picture courtesy: Cricinfo


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  1. aniche says:

    if sehwag fires then there will be some serious aussie ass kicking in store!

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