India stop the Aussie juggernaut again

In 2001, chasing a record 17th consecutive test win, Australia were stopped dead in their tracks by India at the Salt lake stadium, Kolkata. VVS Laxman played the innings of his life with a blistering 281.


Cut to 2008, India do it again. This time the venue (Perth) was supposed to be the graveyard of the Indian cricket team. 2 young fast bowlers and a rookie rocked the Aussie boat with some magnificent swing bowling. Shaun Tait, supposed to give India the chin treatment was simply taken to the cleaners by the Indian batsmen.



No matter the fact that India is an inconsistent team, but the truth is that if there is one team that can stop the Aussies dead in their tracks, it is India. Now, for a cracker of a match at Adelaide on Thursday. Who said test matches are boring?


An aside, If not for the unfair umpiring in the Sydney test, who knows, the series would have been 2-1 in favour of India.

All pictures courtesy: Cricinfo



  1. JB says:

    India wouldn’t have won Sydney, but should have got a draw. Still that would have left Adelaide as the decider. Which I am going to nearly every day.

    Well done to India. I never would have thought they would win in Perth. Australia never gave in and came closer than any other side would have.

    Hopefully with the streak over and India winning, life can go back to normal. Every test match is difficult to win. That’s why winning 16 in a row is so amazing. Hats off to the Indian bowlers.

  2. alpy says:

    yuppie finally the impossible has happened. Great. But, can we do it on a regular basis is the question to be answered. how about a thought about tht 9th wicket partnership ? anyway, keeping things aside for the time, india did well and turned over the champs, atleast in 2/3 departments of the game. kudos.

  3. Liju Philip says:

    JB, Any plans of catching the next match?

    Alpy, yup nothing satisfies the feeling of beating Aussies in Australia.

  4. JB says:


    Absolutely. I have taken a couple of days off work and should only miss the first day.

    Adelaide historically hosts this test over the Australia day weekend. A long time ago this was changed but its back at its traditional time. I can’t wait!

    The pitch is usually a batsmans paradise, so expect lots of runs.

  5. Liju Philip says:

    JB, Lucky you 🙂

  6. lazybug says:

    Enjoy the game, JB. It’s going to be a cracker!

  7. JB says:


    I certainly hope so. Very much looking forward to it.

  8. Vineet Kumar says:

    Nice to see that champions are on the ground now!!
    Team of Cheater Cocks should take a lesson from this lost.

  9. Doodee says:

    Thanks for sharing

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