Dan in Real Life

dan in real life

Oh ya, i happened to watch this movie “Dan in real life” on Friday after work. Actually wanted to watch American Gangster, but then there was no show for the next 2 hours and i didn’t have the patience to wait so long.

Looked at the poster and saw Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche’s name. That was enough. In the movie, Steve Carell plays a widower with 3 daughters. One of whom believes that she is in love after knowing a guy for just 3 days.

…and then, i wondered how i might react if and when i might have a daughter who is in her teens and is in love for the first time in her life. Will i be able to accept the fact that my daughter has grown up and that she has the right to decide her future? For the first time, i empathised with my parents and could understand how they might have felt when i rebelled as a teenager.

The only consolation. There is still time for me to reach that stage.

Movie rating *** (3/5). Not bad.