India launches Israel’s spy satellite

pslv satellite

Other than a press conference and a brief note on the ISRO’s website, there doesnt seem to be much news about the Israeli spy satellite launch in the Indian papers. The Israeli papers are indicating that the satellite is meant to keep an eye on Iran.

India successfully launched an Israeli spy satellite into orbit in a boost to the South Asian nation’s efforts to win a share of the multi-billion-dollar space launch market.

The launch of the Tecsar satellite by an Indian-made rocket was carried out in clear weather at 9:15 am local time (0345 GMT) from the Sriharikota space station in southern India, the Indian Space Research Organisation said.

The 300-kilogram (650-pound) satellite, sometimes referred to as the Polaris, was steered into orbit about 20 minutes later, said Antrix Corporation, the marketing arm of the Bangalore-based space agency.

The satellite was designed and developed by MBT Space, a division of Israel Aerospace Industries. It is equipped with a camera that can see through clouds and carry out day and night all-weather imaging.

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