Vintage Sachin @ Adelaide


The backfoot punches, straight drives and the sixes dancing down the track were back as we were treated to a vintage Sachin Tendulkar unbeaten century. This could very possibly be the last trip to Australia by Sachin and the Adelaide crowd realises it. The master was given the ovation that he deserved.

sachin and laxman

Ah, its indeed a blessing to be born in the same time period as the God himself.



  1. lazybug says:

    “…its indeed a blessing to be born in the same time period as the God himself.”

    My thought exactly!

  2. withmalice says:

    Damn him! 😉 As an Aussie fan, Tendulkar is phenomenal. One of the best batsmen of his generation, maybe one of the best all time… Big call there tho’.
    Hey… if you’re interested, we’ll be chatting about the 4th test as it happens…

  3. Liju Philip says:


    thanks for dropping by. I wish i could participate in your chat. But, am working 😦

    No worries, will try to read up. Thanks for the invitation. Cheers.

  4. withmalice says:

    There’ll be an article up each day of the test… hoping to see you there again!


  5. Ben Stinga says:

    Sachin should keep playing until he is 40.
    I hope he does.

  6. Liju Philip says:


    Sachin already brings out extreme reactions in India. Indians have such high expectations from him that even a 50 or a 75 from him is frowned upon.

    More than 15 years of carrying the burden of a billion Indians is simply not easy. Hope he persists.

  7. benstinga says:

    Yeah! Maybe we Australians can adopt him.
    I’m sure we can find him a nice house by near the beach and a cricket ground. 🙂

  8. kartik says:

    u r gd player

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