Gilchrist prefers to walk on his terms


When I dropped that Laxman edge off Lee, I realised that I hadn’t moved as well, I was slow and after 10-15 minutes and I realised, that’s it,” said Gilchrist in his first press conference since announcing retirement on the third day of the Adelaide Test.

“The missed catches of the series were bugging me. I was working hard, and training well but there was absolutely no desperation for me to continue to maintain those standards. That night I spoke to Mel [his wife] and decided that’s it.

Now…how’s that for honesty. Wish some of the dead wood in the Indian cricket team would also take the drift.

Above picture courtesy: Cricinfo



  1. lazybug says:

    You hinting at Ganguly? Be careful, you might anger those Bongs into blocking more trains and staging rasata rokos!

  2. Liju Philip says:

    I didnt hint anything my lord. Iam innocent. hahaha.

    Nyway, its a miracle when the trains and roads in West Bengal work.

  3. raydixon says:

    I think Gilchrist made a decision while he was still emotional. Sure, he dropped some catches but he still warrants a place in the side considering how good he is at batting too.

    This has severely weakened Australia’s cricket team because it means we might be one top order batsman shorter than usual. Gilchrist ‘saved’ Australian collapses many times over.

    I’d go so far as to say that now without McGrath, Warne & Gilchrist we’ll struggle to win more than half our test matches. That’s good news for India and all other teams (except England, we could beat them with our second eleven).

  4. Liju Philip says:

    One shouldn’t be surprised if future keepers would curse Gilly for setting the bar so high. More than his explosive batting was his reputation for walking without waiting for the umpire. A true gentleman cricketer.

    Watching his batting against SL at the World cup final, the only thing satisfying was that the he wasnt playing against India 😉

  5. aniket says:

    i think gilly is worlds great player in cricket so
    i proud gilly ………
    salam namaste
    jai manase
    india gilly fan club

  6. aniket says:

    gilly is very gooooood
    person betewwwn ground

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