1. lazybug says:

    I am surprised how can SMH publish an article with that grammatically incorrect headline?

    See, I am already focussing on other matters, liju. 😉

    That apart, I think what Bhogle says there is spot on.

  2. Liju Philip says:

    True, considering the fact that Harsha is indeed quite fluent in the language. I wonder who’se mistake it is.

  3. abyjain says:

    I came across this blog from Ray Dixon’s blog where I had had a fight with him once upon a time. Started with a beatiful girls blog to find this was a guy! who fell in love with his teacher once upon a time. Find my thoughts very similar to yours in many respects… to the point of the Yahoo India Finance page which I sit on everyday 😉

    Good to visit your blog.

  4. Liju Philip says:

    Hi Aby,

    thanks for dropping by. Ya, i had some exchanges with Ray on his blog too. Looks like you have been reading my blog for some time. Thanks.

    Oh, cant help it with the yahoo finance page. the interest in finance and money is now bordering on obsession 😉

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