Vodafone India ads

Even after buying over Hutch, Vodafone has kept the tradition of simple, beautiful ads. There is something about TV in India. Even if the programs are crappy, you can still smile looking at the ads.

Vodafone – Elevator

Vodafone – Art of Living



  1. Arre! you did not add video for vodafone news alerts ad: where man buys all the onions in the store as he got a alert that onion prices about to rise.

  2. arvind says:

    yes, you are absolutely right when you say ads are a releif nowadays when family members are watching crappy soaps..
    vodafone ‘s are the best ones..

  3. Yes, though simple, Vodafone ads do leave an impression on your mind.
    Also the Idea ad in which communal riots are effectively tackled by the village sarpanch (Abhishek Bachchan) is superb! That is indeed a great idea!

  4. Moksh Juneja says:

    The elevator ad is my brother’s favourite TVC, he actually went around hunting the jingle that they play in the background and downloaded it as a ringtone on his cell phone!

    One triva – about a competitor ad – Airtel the two boys are actually speaking Morrocon French!!

  5. Liju Philip says:

    @Poonam, ya the guy buying the onions was good. Also there was this ad about a girl running after a goat after reading a sms that goat milk is good for the skin.

    @ Arvind, the saas-bahu serials are the worst. I cant understand how people can be so interested in them. Anyway, to each his/her own 😉

    @ Krishna, the idea ads about the sarpanch is good too. Also Airtel used to have lots of good ads. Didn’t see much of them during this trip of mine back home.

    @Moksh, i had seen the original ads that Airtel currently plays about the two boys. Yup, It was about some middle eastern telecom company. That’s why i was surprised to see it in India being branded by Airtel. Maybe they bought the rights for the same.

  6. yeah, there was that got milk ad too. Somehow they air it very less.

  7. dinsan says:

    they are good ads.. 🙂 but I wont say extra ordinary.. .. meeting expectations type 🙂

  8. Liju Philip says:

    The ones that you get to see on TV here in S’pore is pathetic to say the least. Ya, so had to reduce my expectations 😉

  9. AG says:

    Hutch & now Vodafone would unanimously take the prize for the most moronic & irritating ads on TV. Its incredible how far can they stretch an idea! It was refreshing to begin with but now seems as fresh as used socks. From another point of view their ads are a tongue-in-cheek comment on the low IQ levels of the intended customers. After all, if someone can actually buy all the onions from a supermarket after having received an SMS from his mobile phone company, then he definitely has to be mentally deranged. Lets not even talk about the guy in the elevator. If there are people with such unparalleled levels of desperation, then they need to see a shrink right away. The list goes on………! Advertising is all about exaggeration alright!….but undermining the intelligence of the audience is something else. Only complete idiots can be targeted through such a ridiculous advertising campaign.

  10. Kingshuk Mitra says:

    Hutch/ Vodafone ads are cool, short, simple yet very I would say intellectual it has a very delicate touch of ART, definitely these ads are not for all.

    Generally Blunt people miss out the smoothness of sophistication in those advertisements and thus complain that the ads are moronic & irritating.

    No one needs an advertisement on TV to test their IQ.

  11. Dimpe says:

    If any one has the new vodafone ad, with the pug and the little girl… which goes when i want to fly be by my side…, please share


  12. preine says:

    yes ..i luv the new happy to help ads…im doing a research on the market effectiveness of vodafone ads ..can ul tell me if the ads r effective? in comparison wit other telcom ads

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