Its lent starting yesterday (though some catholics start observing it after Ash Wednesday i.e 6th March). But, iam not a Catholic. Ya, i felt i needed to spell it out 😉

During this 40 odd days before Good Friday / Easter, one is supposed to abstain from something that is too dear to them. Since, i have a non-existent sex life, i dont need to worry on that front. I can very safely take up a celibacy vow for the next 400 days without having to make any changes to my daily schedule.

The more difficult thing to do is to abstain from non-vegetarian food. Ya, for someone living in Singapore, there is nothing more difficult than staying away from non-veg food. Singapore is a country where egg is equated with Vegetables and the mention of drumstick is equated with chicken drumsticks and not the vegetable.

I tried doing it once successfully in India. It was a breeze out there cos i ate at home and India has no dearth of vegetarian food. Its very easy to find company for such food too. And since i dont drink (the last time, i took a sip of beer was more than year ago), i wont have any temptation on that front.

Its actually a nice time for me to detox too. To get rid of all the fat that has accumulated in my body by incessant craving for meat and related stuff. Btw, ever since my return from the India trip a month ago, i have managed to lose 4kgs without actually doing much. I will take it as a good omen and keep updating here in case of any slip ups when it comes to the food part.

I wish, i could control my thoughts this lent. Since i realise that its too much of a pleasure to let go off, i will let it pass.



  1. su.... says:

    good man…keep it up..

  2. JB says:

    No drinking and a non-existant sex-life.

    Perhaps you should take things up for lent instead?

  3. Liju Philip says:


    hahaha…ya, think for a change i need to take up things instead.

  4. Liju Philip says:

    Thanks Su 🙂

  5. JB says:

    Well, it’s a differen’t take on Lent. But I think it’s within the spirit of the occassion.

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